1 flat piece of food
big, generous, great, huge, large, thick
little, small, thin
cheese, lemon, pizza, etc.

She cut a thin slice of lemon.

in slices

The sausage is also sold pre-packed in slices.

slice of

a slice of bread/cake/pizza/toast

cut sth into slices

He cut the meat into thick slices.

2 part or share of sth
big, huge, large
fair, significant, sizeable, substantial (all esp. BrE)

They spend a fair slice of the budget on research and development.

narrow, small, tiny
carve, carve out

The company has managed to carve out a slice of the market for itself.

get, grab

Many investors are hoping to grab a slice of the action.

slice of

The agency takes a large slice of the profits.

a slice of life

This drama provides a slice of life in 1950s Connecticut.

a slice of the action
a slice of the pie

Different groups of people will demand a bigger slice of the pie.

a slice of luck (BrE)

He needed a large slice of luck to win the game.

finely (esp. BrE), thinly

Slice the bread thinly.

neatly (esp. AmE)

The knife sliced cleanly through the flesh.

off, up

Slice up the mushrooms and fry them.


The blade sliced into her shoulder.


He sliced pieces off the large steak.


The knife sliced through his ear.

slice sth in half, slice sth in two

Slice the onion in two.

Slice is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑knife
Slice is used with these nouns as the object: ↑apple, ↑avocado, ↑banana, ↑bread, ↑carrot, ↑celery, ↑cheese, ↑drive, ↑finger, ↑ham, ↑lemon, ↑lime, ↑loaf, ↑meat, ↑mushroom, ↑onion, ↑pepper, ↑potato, ↑sausage, ↑tomato, ↑turkey

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