precipitous (formal), steep
gentle, gradual, slight
long, short
downhill, downward
uphill, upward
higher, upper

There was snow on the higher slopes of the mountain.

northern, north-facing, etc.

The vineyards on the south-facing slopes get more sunshine.

forested, grassy, icy, smooth, snow-covered, snowy, wooded
craggy, rocky, scree (esp. BrE), talus (esp. AmE)
dry (BrE), ski

dry-slope skiing

bunny (AmE), nursery (BrE)

ski lessons on the bunny slope (AmE)

skiing lessons on the nursery slope (BrE)

negative, positive

The unemployment-income curve on the graph has a negative slope.

40-degree, 45-degree, etc.

the continental slope off the American coast

ascend, clamber up, climb, climb up

We clambered up the steep, rocky slope.

clamber down, descend
roll down, tumble down

Rocks and boulders rolled down the slopes of the crater.


The field has a slope of about three feet.


She plans to hit the ski slopes this winter.


The vineyard covers the slope.

lead to sth

a slope leading down to the river


The lower slopes rise quite gently.

level off, level out

a west-facing slope overlooking the river

down a/the slope

I scrambled down the icy slope.

of a/the slope

the steepness of the slope

on a/the slope

We camped on an open mountain slope.

up a/the slope

There were more skiers further up the slope.

slope of

the slope of a hill/mountain/roof

the slope of a curve/line

the bottom of a slope, the foot of a slope, the top of a slope

The ground slopes away steeply at the back of the house.

gently, slightly
away, down, downwards/downward, up, upwards/upward

The field slopes down to a small river.

Slope is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑roof

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