The mystery has not yet been completely solved.

half, partially, partly
actually, really

It doesn't really solve the problem.

not necessarily

Being with friends does not necessarily solve my problem.

adequately, satisfactorily

This question has never been satisfactorily solved.

easily, readily
magically, somehow
eventually, finally
attempt to, try to
help (to), help sb (to)

We were given clues to help us solve the puzzle.

be designed to

a plan designed to solve the housing problem

fail to
be difficult to

We hope the difficulty can be solved by getting the two sides together to discuss the issues.


The problem cannot be solved with spending cuts alone.

an attempt to solve sth
be aimed at solving sth

research aimed at solving the growing problem of child obesity

be good at solving sth

She's really good at solving problems.

focus on solving sth

We need to focus on solving the country's problem.

help in solving sth

their appeal for help in solving the case

Solve is used with these nouns as the object: ↑case, ↑challenge, ↑conflict, ↑crime, ↑crisis, ↑crossword, ↑difficulty, ↑dilemma, ↑disagreement, ↑disappearance, ↑dispute, ↑equation, ↑murder, ↑mystery, ↑paradox, ↑predicament, ↑problem, ↑puzzle, ↑shortage

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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