1 level of quality
low, poor
certain, minimum

Players have to be of a certain standard to compete in the tournament.

acceptable, adequate, decent, proper, reasonable

We must ensure proper standards of care for the elderly.

a decent standard of living

improved, rising

He set a new standard of excellence in detective fiction.

current, modern

The houses need to be brought up to modern standards.


Judged by any objective standards, the campaign was a disaster.

accepted (esp. BrE), official, required (esp. BrE)
conventional (esp. AmE), usual
common, consistent, uniform, universal

They will adopt common standards for dealing with asylum applications.

exacting, rigorous, strict, stringent
gold (figurative)

Charles Schulz's ‘Peanuts’ is the gold standard for comic strips.

The newspaper has to offer a gold standard for journalistic integrity.


The work has been done to a professional standard.

federal, international, national, state (AmE)

We have to try and achieve the quality standards set by the project.


The Olympic qualifying standard has been set at 64.50 m.


The region enjoys the highest living standards in Asia.

accounting, journalistic, labour/labor (esp. AmE), legal, safety, security, trading (BrE), etc.
academic, educational, environmental, health, performance, technical, etc.

The product has become an industry standard.

emission, emissions

The bill established new emissions standards for cars sold in the state.


The agency has very high standards.

boast, enjoy
define, develop, establish, set
achieve, be up to, live up to, meet, reach

The factory is struggling to meet national environmental standards.

She has reached an acceptable standard of English.

bring sth up to
fall short of

The hotel service fell short of the usual standard.

apply, enforce, provide

It's impossible to apply the same academic standards across the country.

judge sb/sth by
improve (esp. BrE), raise
maintain, sustain
above (the) standard, below (the) standard

Your work is below standard.

according to a/the standard, by … standards

By today's standards, he isn't a particularly fast runner.

to a … standard

The building work had not been completed to a satisfactory standard.

up to standard

We need to bring our computer system up to standard.

standard in

standards in safety

by any standard

She's a great violinist by any standard.

by the standards of the day

The army was massive by the standards of the day.

a drop in the standard, a fall in the standard

There has been a drop in the standard of health care.

an increase in the standard, a rise in the standard

There has been an increase in the standard of service provided.

a standard of living

the fall in their standard of living

2 (usually standards) acceptable level of conduct
declining, falling

My grandparents are always complaining about falling moral standards.


the double standard frequently encountered in 19th-century attitudes to sex

ethical, moral
keep up, maintain
improve, raise
drop, fall
standards of behaviour/behavior, standards of conduct
standard of care
be, be fitted as (esp. BrE), come as

Anti-lock brakes come as standard.


The stations were built to a simple, almost standard design.

fairly, pretty, relatively

a fairly standard method of assessing employees

Standard is used with these nouns: ↑abbreviation, ↑charge, ↑component, ↑contract, ↑convention, ↑cover, ↑curriculum, ↑curve, ↑definition, ↑dictionary, ↑dosage, ↑dose, ↑equipment, ↑error, ↑excuse, ↑fare, ↑fashion, ↑feature, ↑fee, ↑fitting, ↑format, ↑formula, ↑gauge, ↑keyboard, ↑lamp, ↑letter, ↑manner, ↑measure, ↑measurement, ↑menu, ↑method, ↑model, ↑offering, ↑outlet, ↑practice, ↑precaution, ↑procedure, ↑pronunciation, ↑rate, ↑reference, ↑repertoire, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑return, ↑score, ↑service, ↑set, ↑setting, ↑size, ↑socket, ↑specification, ↑system, ↑technique, ↑terminology, ↑test, ↑text, ↑textbook, ↑tool, ↑treatment, ↑type, ↑uniform, ↑unit, ↑variety, ↑version, ↑wage, ↑width

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