1 stopping or staying
brief, short
abrupt, sharp, sudden
scheduled, unscheduled
bathroom (esp. AmE), toilet (BrE)
fuel, lunch, refuelling/refueling, rest, etc.

The cars made two pit stops during the race.

We made a pit stop to buy a bottle of water. (AmE, figurative)

campaign (AmE)

Cheney is making a campaign stop in Lubbock, Texas.

traffic (AmE)

The police found the drugs during a routine traffic stop.

have, make

We had a lunch stop at Timperley.

light, sign
stop at

There will be a stop at Aboyne.

stop for

a stop for refreshments

bring sth to a stop

She brought the car to an abrupt stop.

come, draw, pull, slow, etc. to a stop

The truck came to a sudden stop.

At lunchtime everything comes to a complete stop.

The cab pulled to a stop.

put a stop to sth

to put a stop to all the arguments

2 for a bus, etc.
bus, subway (AmE), tram, tube (BrE)
request (BrE)

My nearest bus stop has been downgraded to a request stop.

get off at

We were chatting and missed our stop.

at a/the stop

We dropped the kids off at the bus stop.

between stops

You're not allowed to get off between stops.

abruptly, dead, immediately, in sb's tracks, short, suddenly

Suddenly he stopped dead: what was he doing?

The question stopped Alice dead in her tracks.

altogether, completely

The sobs came less frequently, then stopped altogether.

for a moment, momentarily, temporarily

That phone never stops ringing!


He couldn't stop thinking about her.

try to
be going to

When is the violence going to stop?

want (sb/sth) to

I was enjoying myself so much I didn't want to stop.

have to, must, need to

We need to stop making excuses.

He's dangerous and needs to be stopped.


They tried to stop me from leaving.

know how to stop, know when to stop

He never knows when to stop.

Stop is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑bombardment, ↑bus, ↑cab, ↑car, ↑clock, ↑conversation, ↑elevator, ↑engine, ↑fighting, ↑footstep, ↑heart, ↑pain, ↑period, ↑policeman, ↑rain, ↑referee, ↑spasm, ↑traffic, ↑train, ↑tram, ↑watch
Stop is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abuse, ↑activity, ↑advance, ↑attack, ↑ball, ↑bleeding, ↑bloodshed, ↑bombardment, ↑car, ↑cassette, ↑charade, ↑cheque, ↑clock, ↑closure, ↑corruption, ↑crime, ↑cycle, ↑decay, ↑decline, ↑destruction, ↑deterioration, ↑discrimination, ↑drinking, ↑ear, ↑execution, ↑expansion, ↑export, ↑fight, ↑fighting, ↑flow, ↑funding, ↑haemorrhage, ↑immigration, ↑import, ↑industrial action, ↑infiltration, ↑injustice, ↑insanity, ↑killer, ↑killing, ↑leak, ↑machine, ↑march, ↑medication, ↑misuse, ↑movement, ↑nonsense, ↑onslaught, ↑pain, ↑payment, ↑play, ↑practice, ↑proceedings, ↑production, ↑progress, ↑publication, ↑reaction, ↑riot, ↑sale, ↑shipment, ↑slaughter, ↑slide, ↑smoking, ↑spiral, ↑spread, ↑suffering, ↑supply, ↑tape, ↑tear, ↑terror, ↑terrorism, ↑traffic, ↑train, ↑trial, ↑vandal, ↑vandalism, ↑violence, ↑wedding, ↑work

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