broad, wide
bustling, busy, congested, crowded
pedestrian, pedestrianized (BrE)

It really irritates me when people ride bicycles in pedestrian streets.

deserted, desolate, empty, lonely, quiet
dark, darkened
bright, well-lit
dim, dimly lit, gloomy
cobbled (esp. BrE), cobblestone (esp. AmE), paved
dirty, dusty, filthy, muddy
dangerous, mean, unsafe

He grew up on the mean streets of one of the city's toughest areas.

leafy (esp. BrE), tree-lined
one-way, two-way
dead-end (esp. AmE)
main, principal
back (usually backstreet), side

a rundown house in the backstreets of Cairo

a bar in a side street off the Champs-Élysées

city, village (esp. BrE)

You've taken the wrong street.

shopping (esp. BrE)

the town's main shopping street

high (BrE), main (AmE)

Sales on the UK high street are in decline.

high-street retailers

He works at a small store on Main Street.

downtown (AmE), residential, suburban, urban
go along (esp. BrE), go down, go up, take, turn down, turn into, turn up

Take the second street on the right after the bridge.

We turned down a dead-end street by mistake.

block, block off, clog (esp. BrE), clog up (BrE)
cordon off (esp. BrE)

The police have been patrolling the streets in this area since the murder.

stroll, stroll down, stroll through
walk, walk down
cruise, prowl, roam, wander

Gangs roamed the streets at night.

crowd, fill, flood, line, pack, throng

Spectators lined the streets.


Police were told to clear the streets of drug dealers before the Olympics.


Dead bodies littered the streets.

go, lead, run
bend, curve, turn
be lined with sth

streets lined with cafes

be packed with sb, teem with sth

The streets were packed with people shopping.

The streets are teeming with traffic.

be named sth, be named after sb/sth

Mozart is remembered by a street named after him.

map, plan
layout, pattern

the dense street pattern of the old town

name, number, sign

Most street names were changed under the new regime.

The houses had no street numbers on.

lamp, light, lighting
crime, gang
punk, thug (both esp. AmE)
people (esp. AmE)
attack, battle, brawl, fight, fighting, robbery, violence

He suffered extensive injuries in a street attack.

street fighting between police and stone-throwing youths

demonstration, protest
fair, festival, party (esp. BrE), procession
cleaner (esp. BrE), sweeper
door (esp. BrE)

There were photographers outside the street door so she used a back entrance.

entertainer, entertainment, musician, performer, theatre/theater
dealer, pedlar/peddler, seller, trader (esp. BrE), vendor (esp. AmE)
hustler (esp. AmE)

Tourists need to be wary of street hustlers near the station.

selling (AmE), trading (BrE)

people engaged in informal street selling

He pleaded guilty to illegal street trading.

cred, credibility (both informal)

His spell in prison gained him a lot of street cred.

smarts (AmE, informal), wisdom
clothes (esp. AmE), culture, fashion, slang

the street culture of working-class youth


a painting of a typical Parisian street scene

collection (BrE)

The charity is having a street collection in aid of the local hospital.

child, kid (informal), urchin

a charity set up to house street children

boy, girl
hustler (informal, esp. AmE), prostitute
price, value

drugs with a street value of £5 million

across a/the street

He could see her across the street.

along a/the street

They walked along the street.

down a/the street, up a/the street

A band was playing a little way down the street.

She lives just up the street here.

in a/the street

She parks her car in the street.

A couple were arguing out in the street.

We live in Barker Street. (BrE)

into a/the street

She stepped out into the street.

He turned into a side street. (BrE)

off a/the street

a club just off William Street

a plan to keep teenagers off the streets

on a/the street

people dealing drugs on the street

I was living on 10th Street off Hudson. (AmE)

on the streets, out on the streets

Thousands of people were out on the streets for the protest.

onto a/the street

She was thrown onto the street.

He turned onto a side street. (AmE)

through the streets

He wandered through the streets of Calcutta.

above street level, at street level, below street level
the end of the street, the top of the street
the other side of the street
the street on the left, the street on the right
hit the streets (= start to be available or seen in public)

Her shocking autobiography is about to hit the streets.

take to the streets

Argentinians took to the streets in protest.

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