1 how strong sb/sth is
considerable, enormous, great, immense, incredible, tremendous

The material has exceptionally high strength for its weight.

greater, superior

His superior physical strength won him the title.


Profits have been helped by the relative strength of the euro against the dollar.

growing, increased

the continuing strength of the pound

surprising, unexpected
superhuman, supernatural
brute, sheer

He got the door open with brute strength.


They are reinforced with steel for extra strength.

collective, combined, overall

They believe their combined strength will overwhelm the competition.


the numerical strength of the Chinese army

emotional, inner, mental, spiritual
muscle, muscular, physical

The steel adds tensile strength to the concrete.

arm, leg

It's well known that cycling builds leg strength.

lower-body, upper-body
economic, electoral, financial, industrial, military
police, troop, union, etc.

US troop strength in Afghanistan dropped to 18 000.

bargaining (esp. BrE)

The phone company aims to improve signal strength within buildings.

have, possess

He had just enough strength to reach for the phone.

find, muster (esp. AmE), summon, summon up

I'm trying to summon up the strength to do some more work.

draw, draw on, use

She was able to draw on her immense inner strength.


He put all his strength into reorganizing the department.


It took all his strength to open the box.

boost, build, build up, improve, increase

You need to try and build up your strength before the winter.

I began taking gymnastics classes to boost my strength and flexibility.

gain, gather

The opinion that the president should stand down has gained considerable strength.

gain in, grow in, increase in
conserve, maintain, save

The series of steep hills sapped the cyclists' strength.

get back, recover, regain
give sb/sth, lend sb/sth

Her love and support gave me strength.

The metal reinforcement gives it the strength to resist the high winds.

reduce, undermine

Her unwillingness to answer questions undermined the strength of her position.

assess, measure, test

The Moroccan athlete ran a fast lap to test the strength of the other runners.

vary in

These wines vary in strength between 11% and 15%.

grow, increase
decline, drain, drain away, ebb, ebb away, fade, fail, falter, wane

The country's economic strength is declining.

Her strength was ebbing fast, so her children were called to her bedside.

up to strength

The Korean team was not up to strength for the final.

below strength, under strength (both BrE)

The Chilean team was below strength for the final.

with strength

She pushed him away with unexpected strength.

strength in

She gradually regained strength in her legs.

at full strength

The orchestra was at full strength for the Mahler symphony.

back to full strength

I'm still not quite back to full strength after my illness.

every ounce of strength

She summoned up every ounce of strength she possessed.

draw strength from sth

I draw great strength from the support of my family.

a feat of strength

He used to entertain people with his feats of strength.

a pillar of strength, a tower of strength

He was a tower of strength to his sisters when their father died.

a position of strength

They are negotiating from a position of strength.

reserves of strength

When she had twins, she discovered reserves of strength that she didn't know she had.

a show of strength

50 000 troops massed on the border in the biggest show of strength to date.

a source of strength

Her childhood memories were a great source of strength when her mother was killed.

strength of character, strength of purpose, strength of will
strength of feeling
the strength of sb's position
a test of strength, a trial of strength

Today's vote is being seen as a test of strength for the government.

The dispute developed into a trial of strength between management and the union.

with all your strength

She threw the rope with all her strength.

2 useful quality

What's your greatest strength?

individual, personal, unique

We want to learn more about the relative strengths of our students.

core, key

The company's key strength is its people.

capitalize on (esp. AmE), exploit, play to

The team may not have the best players, but it plays to its strengths.

discover, identify
come from sth, lie in sth

Her great strength lies in her flexibility.

strengths and weaknesses

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