considerably, enormously, greatly, significantly, substantially

The success in the election strengthened the party's position considerably.


This merger will further strengthen the company and ensure its continued success.


This temporary setback merely strengthened her resolve.

help (to), serve to
be designed to, be used to

These exercises are designed to strengthen your back muscles.


The euro has strengthened against the dollar.

an attempt to strengthen sth, an effort to strengthen sth
be aimed at strengthening sth

The new law is aimed at strengthening protective measures for workers.

measures to strengthen sth
Strengthen is used with these nouns as the object: ↑accountability, ↑alliance, ↑argument, ↑balance sheet, ↑belief, ↑bond, ↑case, ↑conclusion, ↑confidence, ↑connection, ↑conviction, ↑credentials, ↑defence, ↑economy, ↑faith, ↑grip, ↑hand, ↑hold, ↑impression, ↑institution, ↑link, ↑military, ↑motivation, ↑movement, ↑muscle, ↑opposition, ↑partnership, ↑position, ↑regime, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑role, ↑security, ↑squad, ↑support, ↑system, ↑tie

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