1 state of tension
considerable, extreme, great, high, incredible, intense, severe

Separation is a time of high emotional stress.

acute, chronic
excessive, undue

compensation claims for undue stress in the workplace

added, greater, heightened, increased

the daily stress of teaching

emotional, mental, psychological, social

He has suffered post-traumatic stress since the crash.

treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

occupational, work-related
family (esp. AmE)

The program helps workers with work-related and family stress.


Different organisms react differently to environmental stress.

economic, financial

The high mortgage payments put them under severe financial stress.


Many workers experience a high level of stress in their daily life.

cause, create

A divorce causes children great emotional stress.

avoid, remove
add to, increase
alleviate, decrease, ease, lessen, minimize, reduce, relieve

There are many things an employer can do to ease employees' stress.

be under, endure, experience, have, suffer, suffer from, undergo

He's been under a lot of stress lately.

cope with, handle, manage, stand, take

He's had to give up his job as leader of the project—he just couldn't take the stress.

bring sth about, bring sth on, cause sth, trigger sth

an illness brought on by stress


high stress levels

control, management

Staff are encouraged to go on stress-management courses.


The release of the stress hormone cortisol is part of the human stress response.

reduction, relief
buster (informal), reliever (both esp. AmE)

Physical exercise is a great stress reliever.

under stress

He broke under stress and had to leave.

a source of stress

An overcrowded workplace can be a major source of stress.

a symptom of stress

Tiredness is one of the most common symptoms of stress.

2 emphasis that shows importance
enormous, great
particular, special
lay, place, put

I must lay great stress on the need for secrecy.

with the stress on

a study of child development, with the stress on acquisition of social skills

stress on

There's been a lot of stress on getting drug sellers off the streets.

3 emphasis on a word, syllable, etc.
main, major, primary, strong
secondary, weak
sentence, word
carry, have, take

Italian words usually have the main stress on the penultimate syllable in the word.

The first syllable takes the stress.

place, put

Mark the primary stress in each word.

fall, go

Where does the stress fall in ‘psychological’?

stress on

There's a stress on the second syllable.

4 physical force
enormous, high

There is equal stress on all parts of the structure.


Avoid exercise that puts undue stress on the knees.


The majority of sports injuries are due to excessive mechanical stress on joints, ligaments and muscles.

exert, set up

The tower exerts an enormous stress on the walls.

The movements set up stresses in the earth's crust.

apply, put, subject sth to

Stress is applied to the wood to make it bend.

Standing all day puts stress on your feet.

The buttresses are subjected to constant stress.

bear, take, withstand
increase, reduce
transfer, transmit

Engineers calculated the stresses borne by each of the bridge supports.


He was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his right foot.

stress on

Cycling puts very little stress on the joints.

under stress

Some woods warp under stress.

heavily, strongly

He stressed the point very strongly that all these services cost money.

constantly, continually, repeatedly

She has constantly stressed the government's poor record in this area.


Doctors have rightly stressed the importance of exercise.


I must stress that we still know very little about this disease.

tend to

Private schools tend to stress the more academic subjects.

be anxious to, be at pains to (esp. BrE), be careful to, be keen to (BrE), take pains to

She is at pains to stress the cultural differences between the two countries.

I can't stress enough, it can't be stressed enough

I can't stress enough that security is of the highest importance.

be important to stress sth, be worth stressing sth

It is worth stressing that this was only a relatively small survey.

Stress is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑report
Stress is used with these nouns as the object: ↑belief, ↑continuity, ↑difference, ↑importance, ↑necessity, ↑need, ↑point, ↑role, ↑syllable, ↑urgency, ↑word

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