1 fight
epic, great, life-and-death, titanic
bitter, desperate, fierce, heroic, violent

There were the sounds of a desperate struggle.

continuing, ongoing
unequal (esp. BrE)

The group supported the armed struggle against the dictator.

class, internecine

Marx wrote about the class struggle.

inner, internal

The author illustrates the inner struggles of this complicated woman.

The party is locked in an internal struggle.

economic, ideological, leadership, liberation, political, power, revolutionary
begin, end
join, take up

They took up the struggle against racism.

carry on, wage
be engaged in, be locked in

species engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the environment

lose, win
put up

If someone snatched your bag, would you put up a struggle?

ensue, take place
continue, go on
in a/the struggle

One of the guards was hurt in the struggle.

without a struggle

She won't give up without a struggle.

struggle against

the struggle against oppression

struggle between

the struggle between good and evil

struggle for

the long struggle for democracy

struggle over

a struggle over the property

struggle with

He was involved in a struggle with the police.

a sign of a struggle

The police said that there was no sign of a struggle by the murder victim.

years of struggle

After 150 years of struggle against colonial rule, the country won its independence.

2 great effort
great, hard, real, uphill

It will be an uphill struggle to maintain exports at the current level.

ceaseless, constant, daily, endless

the daily struggle for survival

face, have

We had a real struggle to get everything into the suitcase.

give up

I've given up the struggle to keep my house clean.

a bit of a struggle

It was a bit of a struggle for me to get there so early.

1 try very hard to do sth
desperately, hard, manfully, mightily (esp. AmE), painfully, valiantly

He struggled desperately to get to the shore.

He struggled hard to keep the boat upright.

a little

She struggled on despite the pain.

have to

The small boat struggled against the waves.

along, down, up

They struggled up the hill.


Shona struggled for breath.


The family struggled through the next few years.

struggle to your feet

She struggled to her feet and set off after him.

2 have great difficulties

The team struggled badly last season.


He was really struggling in geometry.

clearly, obviously

I was unemployed and struggling financially.

defensively (esp. AmE), offensively (AmE) (both sports)
through, with

I'm really struggling with this essay.

struggle to make ends meet

For years, she struggled to make ends meet.

3 fight sb/try to get away from sb
fiercely, furiously, violently

She struggled furiously but could not get away.


Ben and Jack struggled together on the grass.


She struggled against her attacker.


He was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the raiders.

struggle free

The attacker's victim managed to struggle free.

Struggle is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑country, ↑economy, ↑industry, ↑side

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