suffer from

suffer from
phr verb
Suffer from is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑country, ↑patient
Suffer from is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acne, ↑AIDS, ↑ailment, ↑alcoholism, ↑allergy, ↑anxiety, ↑apathy, ↑arthritis, ↑asthma, ↑attack, ↑bleeding, ↑block, ↑blues, ↑bout, ↑cancer, ↑cholera, ↑claustrophobia, ↑cold, ↑colic, ↑complaint, ↑complex, ↑condition, ↑constipation, ↑convulsion, ↑corn, ↑corrosion, ↑cough, ↑damp, ↑defect, ↑deficiency, ↑deformity, ↑dehydration, ↑delusion, ↑depression, ↑diarrhoea, ↑diphtheria, ↑disability, ↑disadvantage, ↑discrimination, ↑disease, ↑disorder, ↑disturbance, ↑drawback, ↑effect, ↑erosion, ↑exhaustion, ↑exposure, ↑fatigue, ↑fever, ↑fit, ↑flu, ↑gangrene, ↑handicap, ↑headache, ↑hepatitis, ↑hernia, ↑HIV, ↑illness, ↑incontinence, ↑indigestion, ↑infection, ↑influenza, ↑injury, ↑isolation, ↑leukaemia, ↑malaria, ↑malnutrition, ↑meningitis, ↑migraine, ↑neglect, ↑nerve, ↑neurosis, ↑nightmare, ↑pain, ↑paralysis, ↑paranoia, ↑persecution, ↑phobia, ↑pneumonia, ↑recession, ↑repression, ↑rheumatism, ↑schizophrenia, ↑shortage, ↑shortcoming, ↑sickness, ↑starvation, ↑stigma, ↑strain, ↑stress, ↑subsidence, ↑swing, ↑symptom, ↑syndrome, ↑tension, ↑tiredness, ↑trouble, ↑weakness, ↑wound

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