1 set of clothes
designer, elegant, immaculate, smart (esp. BrE), well-cut (esp. BrE), well-tailored (esp. AmE)
best, good

He wore his one good suit to the interview.

double-breasted, single-breasted
one-piece, two-piece, three-piece
pinstripe, pinstriped
linen, seersucker (esp. AmE), tweed, wool, etc.
business, dinner (BrE), dress, formal, lounge (BrE), morning, safari, zoot
pant (usually pantsuit) (AmE), trouser (BrE)
bathing, diving, swim (usually swimsuit), swimming (esp. AmE)
jogging (BrE), ski
leisure (AmE), shell (BrE), sweat (usually sweatsuit) (AmE)
warm-up (AmE)
biohazard, boiler (esp. BrE), hazmat (AmE), protective
flying, pressure
clown, gorilla
coat (AmE), jacket, pants (AmE), trousers (esp. BrE)
in a suit

Two men in suits came out of the hotel.

a suit and tie

They won't let you into the restaurant without a suit and tie.

a suit of armour/armor

The cavalry wore a suit of light armour/armor and carried a shield.

a suit of clothes (old-fashioned)

His parents had bought him a new suit of clothes for the occasion.

We bought the baby a couple of suits of clothes.

2 (also lawsuit) legal case
civil (esp. AmE)
class-action (AmE)
antitrust, discrimination, libel, malpractice (all esp. AmE)
bring, file

A suit has been filed against the company.

be involved in, pursue

They have agreed to drop their suit against the Dutch company.

be faced with, face

The company now faces several suits over its failure to protect its employees.


She plans to defend the suit vigorously.


The two companies have settled the suit.

in a/the suit

They are seeking damages in a lawsuit.

suit against

a suit against her former husband

suit over

a suit over a disputed estate

admirably (esp. BrE), fine, well

Try out the various rackets to find out which one suits you best.

It would suit me fine if I never have to see them again.

down to the ground (BrE, informal), perfectly

This arrangement suited me perfectly.

Country life suits me down to the ground!

seem to
adapt sth to, adjust sth to, be designed to, be tailored to

a shampoo designed to suit all hair types

especially suited, ideally suited, particularly suited, uniquely suited

a car that's ideally suited for urban living

Suit is used with these nouns as the object: ↑lifestyle, ↑mood, ↑need, ↑palate, ↑personality, ↑preference, ↑purpose, ↑requirement, ↑taste

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