long-term, short-term
continued, future

They are working to ensure the continued survival of this species.


The study showed improved survival of patients using the drug.

business, economic, human, national, physical, political
fight for
assure (esp. AmE), ensure

The campaign will hopefully ensure the survival of the tiger.

improve, prolong

Chemotherapy can prolong survival in cancer patients.


The arrival of this South American predator threatened the survival of native species.

affect, influence
be critical for/to, be crucial for/to, be essential to, be necessary for, be vital for/to

Adaptability is essential to survival in a changing environment.

chances, rate
skills, strategy
guide (= book), kit

The expedition members carried flares in their survival kit.

advantage, benefit

In rare cases, a mutation confers a survival advantage to the organism.

survival against

the struggle for survival against such well-armed enemies

survival as

his survival as leader

a battle for survival, a fight for survival, a struggle for survival

Here, life is a battle for survival.

be a matter of survival, be a question of survival

For the poorest people, life was merely a matter of survival.

a chance of survival, chances of survival

Doctors gave him only a 50% chance of survival.

Her chances of survival are poor.

the instinct for survival

He lacked the common instinct for survival.

survival of the fittest

Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest means that only those who make the company a lot of money keep their jobs.

a threat to the survival of sth

The main threat to the survival of these creatures comes from their loss of habitat.

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