1 study of sth
comprehensive, detailed, extensive, full, in-depth, large-scale, major, systematic
brief, quick
broad, general
representative, sample

a nationally representative survey of the US population conducted each year

The researchers undertook a sample survey of schools in the city.

annual, monthly, etc.

The fifth follow-up survey provides the data for this study.

local (esp. BrE), national, nationwide, regional

a historical survey of children's clothing

mail (AmE), online, postal (BrE), questionnaire, telephone, Web-based
attitude, consumer, customer, customer-satisfaction, opinion

A recent customer survey showed widespread ignorance about organic food.

market, market-research, marketing
household (esp. AmE)
administer (esp. AmE), carry out (esp. BrE), conduct, do, make, perform (esp. AmE), undertake (esp. BrE)

The charity did a survey of people's attitudes to the disabled.

participate in, respond to, take (esp. AmE), take part in

94% of people who took part in the survey said they agreed.

complete, fill in (BrE), fill out (AmE)
return, send back
send out
cover sth, deal with sth, examine sth

The survey covered 74 species.

ask sth
claim sth, conclude sth, confirm sth, disclose sth, find sth, highlight sth, identify sth, indicate sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, show sth, suggest sth

A customer-satisfaction survey highlighted the need for clearer pricing.

data, results
method, technique
participant (AmE), respondent
according to a/the survey

According to the survey, many young adults have experimented with drugs of some kind.

in a/the survey

the questions used in the survey

survey into

a survey into the state of English in universities

survey of

a survey of adults

survey on

a survey on drivers' attitudes to the police

the findings of a/the survey, the results of a/the survey
2 of land or a building
archaeological, geological, geophysical, land, seismic
structural (esp. BrE)

A structural survey of the property revealed serious defects.

carry out (esp. BrE), do, make
calmly, critically

She surveyed his appearance critically.

briefly, quickly

I surveyed the scene from my window.

Survey is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑eye
Survey is used with these nouns as the object: ↑area, ↑region, ↑scene, ↑situation, ↑surroundings, ↑wreckage

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