Utter is used with these nouns as the object: ↑blasphemy, ↑cry, ↑curse, ↑exclamation, ↑groan, ↑moan, ↑peep, ↑phrase, ↑prayer, ↑remark, ↑sentence, ↑sound, ↑syllable, ↑threat, ↑word
Utter is used with these nouns: ↑agony, ↑amazement, ↑annoyance, ↑astonishment, ↑boredom, ↑chaos, ↑confidence, ↑confusion, ↑contempt, ↑conviction, ↑darkness, ↑delight, ↑despair, ↑destruction, ↑devastation, ↑disappointment, ↑disarray, ↑disaster, ↑disbelief, ↑disdain, ↑disgrace, ↑disgust, ↑dismay, ↑disregard, ↑disrespect, ↑embarrassment, ↑exasperation, ↑exhaustion, ↑failure, ↑fear, ↑fool, ↑frustration, ↑futility, ↑garbage, ↑hell, ↑helplessness, ↑horror, ↑humiliation, ↑idiot, ↑ignorance, ↑incompetence, ↑indifference, ↑joy, ↑lack, ↑loneliness, ↑madness, ↑mess, ↑nonsense, ↑panic, ↑perfection, ↑refusal, ↑revulsion, ↑rubbish, ↑ruin, ↑selfishness, ↑shock, ↑silence, ↑stillness, ↑stupidity, ↑surprise, ↑terror, ↑waste

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