1 worth a lot of money
be, look
extremely, fairly, very, etc.
commercially, economically

commercially valuable expertise

2 very useful
be, prove, seem
make sb/sth

They have skills and qualities which make them highly valuable.

consider sth
extremely, fairly, very, etc.
enormously, especially, exceptionally, highly, immensely, incredibly, most, particularly, tremendously, truly

The subject could be equally valuable for scientists.


The Romantics believed that the life of the imagination was intrinsically valuable.

scientifically, socially

ecologically valuable species


The survey was valuable as an indicator of local opinion.


Good eyesight is a quality which is extremely valuable for a hunting animal.


documents that are enormously valuable to historians

Valuable is used with these nouns: ↑addition, ↑advice, ↑aid, ↑ally, ↑antique, ↑asset, ↑assistance, ↑cargo, ↑clue, ↑collection, ↑comment, ↑commodity, ↑contact, ↑contribution, ↑contributor, ↑employee, ↑evidence, ↑exercise, ↑experience, ↑feedback, ↑function, ↑gift, ↑guidance, ↑guide, ↑help, ↑idea, ↑indicator, ↑information, ↑insight, ↑instrument, ↑item, ↑lesson, ↑library, ↑painting, ↑possession, ↑resource, ↑role, ↑service, ↑source, ↑suggestion, ↑supplement, ↑tool, ↑treasure, ↑work

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