1 opinion/idea about sth
current, prevailing
general, popular, widely held

The prevailing view is that he has done a good job in difficult circumstances.


The author's personal views are pretty clear.

conflicting, contrary, contrasting, differing, divergent, opposing

The debate brings together experts with conflicting views.


It's well worth considering alternative views.

clear, forthright (esp. BrE), strong

He's a doctor with clear views on how to prevent illness.


Many Americans have a favourable/favorable view of the Democratic nominee.

idealized, optimistic, positive, romantic, rosy

Her rosy view of life in the country seems rather naive.

cynical, jaundiced, negative, pessimistic

After his experience in jail, he has a pretty jaundiced view of the penal system.

myopic, naive, simplistic

a balanced view of the subject


He has a very distorted view of life in general.

correct, wrong

So which view is correct?

broad, comprehensive, holistic

The conventional view is that work is pleasant and rewarding.

philosophical, political
Christian, religious
liberal, modern, progressive, radical
conservative, reactionary, traditional
extreme, extremist, hard-line
informed, uninformed

His world view revolves around a battle between rich and poor.

have, hold
adopt, take

I took the view that an exception should be made in this case.

air, articulate, communicate, convey, expound, express, make known, outline, present, put forward (esp. BrE), state, voice

The meeting gave everyone the chance to air their views.

She picked up the phone and made her views known to her boss.

clarify, explain
discuss, exchange, share

At the meeting, we hope people will exchange views freely.

advance, advocate, endorse, espouse (formal), favour/favor, promote
challenge, question

His music challenges the view that modern jazz is inaccessible.

dismiss, refute, reject
accept, adhere to, agree with, embrace
contradict, counter
be consistent with

Their research is consistent with the views expressed in this paper.

confirm, corroborate, echo, reinforce, reiterate, support

His view was echoed by industry experts.

alter, change, modify

The experience changed my view of myself.

reconsider, rethink, revise

Maybe he'll revise his views on that a little.

affect, colour/color, shape

the experiences which shape our view of the world

canvass (esp. BrE)

They based this view on studies done in the 1990s.

reflect, represent

His letter to the management did not reflect the views of his colleagues.


He never imposes his own view on others.


It's important to respect other people's views.


This view prevailed in medical writing for many years.

reflect sth

His views reflected those of the political leaders.

differ (from sth)

The Reagan view differed radically.


Nothing indicates that his views have changed.

according to view

According to this view, economic growth occurs in protracted spurts.

in your view

In my view it was a waste of time.

view about

Teachers generally keep their views about politics hidden.

view on

Experts hold widely differing views on this subject.

an exchange of views

It's good to have a full and frank exchange of views.

a point of view

From a teacher's point of view, activities that can be done with minimal preparation are invaluable.

take a dim view of sth (= have a poor opinion of sth)

My mother takes a pretty dim view of my cooking skills.

2 ability to see/be seen from a particular place
good, grandstand (esp. BrE), wonderful
clear, unimpeded, uninterrupted, unobstructed
back, front, rear, side

The picture shows a front view of the car.

close, close-up

Tensions within the band remained hidden from public view.

overall (figurative)

The staff handbook gives an overall view of the company.

long, long-term (both figurative)

We take a long-term view of the business.

get, have

The pillar prevented me getting a clear view of the action.

give sb

The patio gave an unimpeded view across to the ocean.

block, obscure, obstruct

A woman in a very large hat was blocking my view of the parade.

come into

A large truck suddenly came into view.

disappear from

They stood waving on the platform, until the train disappeared from view.

be hidden from
in view

There was nobody in view.

on view

The carriage was put on view for the public to see.

in full view (of sth), in plain view (of sth) (esp. AmE)

He was shot in full view of a large crowd.

3 scenery
breathtaking, fine, lovely (esp. BrE), magnificent, picturesque, scenic, spectacular, splendid, stunning, superb (esp. BrE), wonderful

a room with a breathtaking view across the bay

commanding, dramatic, expansive, panoramic, sweeping
mountain, ocean (esp. AmE), sea (esp. BrE), etc.
afford, boast, command, enjoy, give, have, offer, provide

Most rooms enjoy panoramic views of the ocean.

The large windows give fine views of the surrounding countryside.

admire, enjoy

a place to unwind and enjoy the view


On his visits he painted views of the town and the surrounding countryside.

view across, view over

a view over the valley

view from

the view from his apartment

view of
a room with a view
favourably/favorably, positively
negatively, unfavourably/unfavorably
cautiously, suspiciously, with suspicion

These results should be viewed cautiously.


Try to view the situation objectively.

tend to
try to

This conduct is not viewed as acceptable.


Try to view the situation from an American perspective.


They tend to view foreigners with suspicion.

generally viewed as sth, largely viewed as sth, primarily viewed as sth, typically viewed as sth, widely viewed as sth

He is widely viewed as a possible leader.

historically viewed as sth, traditionally viewed as sth

Slaves were traditionally viewed as their masters' property.

a way of viewing sth
View is used with these nouns as the object: ↑art, ↑clip, ↑collection, ↑display, ↑document, ↑DVD, ↑exhibit, ↑file, ↑film, ↑image, ↑map, ↑movie, ↑page, ↑painting, ↑property, ↑recording, ↑replay, ↑site, ↑video, ↑videotape, ↑world

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