call for

call for
phr verb
Call for is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑campaign, ↑congress, ↑Congressman, Congresswoman, ↑demonstration, ↑demonstrator, ↑document, ↑forecast, ↑manifesto, ↑occasion, ↑petition, ↑plan, ↑process, ↑protester, ↑rally, ↑recipe, ↑recommendation, ↑report, ↑resolution, ↑session
Call for is used with these nouns as the object: ↑action, ↑aid, ↑ambulance, ↑armistice, ↑assistance, ↑ban, ↑bid, ↑boycott, ↑calm, ↑ceasefire, ↑change, ↑clarification, ↑cooperation, ↑crackdown, ↑creation, ↑discretion, ↑dismissal, ↑encore, ↑end, ↑enquiry, ↑establishment, ↑expansion, ↑explanation, ↑expulsion, ↑halt, ↑hearing, ↑help, ↑improvement, ↑independence, ↑industrial action, ↑intervention, ↑investigation, ↑legislation, ↑moderation, ↑moratorium, ↑planning, ↑postponement, ↑precision, ↑rally, ↑recognition, ↑reconciliation, ↑referendum, ↑reform, ↑regulation, ↑reinforcement, ↑relaxation, ↑removal, ↑resignation, ↑restraint, ↑return, ↑review, ↑revision, ↑revolution, ↑sanction, ↑shake-up, ↑stoppage, ↑tact, ↑unity, ↑volunteer, ↑withdrawal

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