Carefully is used with these adjectives: ↑balanced, ↑casual, ↑contrived, ↑cultivated, ↑neutral, ↑organized
Carefully is used with these verbs: ↑adjust, ↑aim, ↑analyse, ↑apply, ↑approach, ↑arrange, ↑articulate, ↑assemble, ↑assess, ↑avoid, ↑balance, ↑brush, ↑budget, ↑calculate, ↑check, ↑choose, ↑clean, ↑climb, ↑conceal, ↑conceive, ↑consider, ↑control, ↑coordinate, ↑copy, ↑creep, ↑cultivate, ↑define, ↑descend, ↑design, ↑distinguish, ↑draft, ↑draw, ↑dress, ↑drive, ↑dry, ↑ease, ↑edge, ↑engineer, ↑evade, ↑evaluate, ↑examine, ↑excavate, ↑execute, ↑explain, ↑explore, ↑eye, ↑fold, ↑follow, ↑formulate, ↑foster, ↑gather, ↑gauge, ↑grade, ↑guard, ↑guide, ↑hand, ↑handle, ↑hold, ↑ignore, ↑insert, ↑inspect, ↑instruct, ↑investigate, ↑iron, ↑judge, ↑label, ↑lay, ↑leak, ↑lift, ↑listen, ↑lock, ↑look, ↑lower, ↑maintain, ↑manage, ↑manoeuvre, ↑mark, ↑match, ↑measure, ↑monitor, ↑mount, ↑navigate, ↑negotiate, ↑note, ↑observe, ↑organize, ↑pack, ↑paint, ↑park, ↑peer, ↑phrase, ↑pick, ↑pin, ↑place, ↑plan, ↑plant, ↑plot, ↑ponder, ↑position, ↑pour, ↑prepare, ↑prepared, ↑preserve, ↑probe, ↑proceed, ↑protect, ↑push, ↑read, ↑reconstruct, ↑record, ↑refrain, ↑regulate, ↑rehearse, ↑remove, ↑replace, ↑research, ↑restore, ↑review, ↑scan, ↑scrape, ↑screen, ↑scrutinize, ↑seal, ↑search, ↑select, ↑separate, ↑shield, ↑sift, ↑smooth, ↑sniff, ↑specify, ↑spread, ↑stack, ↑stage, ↑step, ↑stir, ↑store, ↑stow, ↑structure, ↑study, ↑supervise, ↑survey, ↑synchronize, ↑tailor, ↑target, ↑tend, ↑think, ↑tie, ↑time, ↑trace, ↑transfer, ↑tread, ↑trim, ↑tuck, ↑tune, ↑use, ↑vet, ↑wash, ↑watch, ↑weave, ↑weigh, ↑wind, ↑wipe, ↑word, ↑wrap

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