1 way of behaving

The prisoner was released early for good conduct.

discreditable (BrE), disgraceful, immoral, improper, inappropriate, unethical, ungentlemanly (BrE), unprofessional, unseemly (esp. BrE)
aggressive (esp. BrE), violent
criminal, disorderly, fraudulent (law, esp. BrE), illegal, negligent, unlawful, wrongful

He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

unsporting (BrE), unsportsmanlike (esp. AmE)
homosexual, sexual
business, professional

The business conduct of this bank will be subject to UK rules.

Our organization sets high standards of professional conduct.

human, moral

It is tempting to think of morality as a guide to human conduct.

engage in

The committee concluded that the senators had engaged in improper conduct.

govern, regulate

rules governing police conduct


The police chief was asked to explain his conduct.

conduct by

The violent conduct by the strikers was condemned.

conduct towards/toward

her conduct towards/toward her husband

a code of conduct, rules of conduct, standards of conduct
2 management of sth

The elders were responsible for the proper conduct of community life.


the day-to-day conduct of the business of the company

1 organize sth/carry sth out
independently, separately

Education was conducted separately for males and females.

jointly, simultaneously

a survey conducted jointly by two teams of researchers

regularly, routinely

We regularly conduct safety inspections.


Today, 50% of opinion polls are conducted online.

2 (formal) conduct yourself behave
honourably/honorably, well, with dignity

She conducts herself with great dignity.


He always conducted himself as a gentleman.


They have conducted themselves in a very professional manner.

3 heat/electricity

a substance which conducts electricity well

Conduct is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑researcher
Conduct is used with these nouns as the object: ↑activity, ↑affair, ↑analysis, ↑assault, ↑assessment, ↑auction, ↑autopsy, ↑band, ↑blitz, ↑business, ↑campaign, ↑census, ↑ceremony, ↑check, ↑choir, ↑class, ↑concerto, ↑current, ↑defence, ↑demonstration, ↑diplomacy, ↑election, ↑electricity, ↑enquiry, ↑espionage, ↑evaluation, ↑examination, ↑excavation, ↑exercise, ↑experiment, ↑fieldwork, ↑funeral, ↑hearing, ↑heat, ↑inquest, ↑inspection, ↑interrogation, ↑interview, ↑inventory, ↑investigation, ↑litigation, ↑manoeuvre, ↑meeting, ↑mission, ↑negotiation, ↑operation, ↑orchestra, ↑patrol, ↑poll, ↑post-mortem, ↑premiere, ↑procedure, ↑programme, ↑raid, ↑reconnaissance, ↑referendum, ↑registration, ↑rehearsal, ↑research, ↑review, ↑ritual, ↑search, ↑seminar, ↑simulation, ↑study, ↑surveillance, ↑survey, ↑symphony, ↑talk, ↑test, ↑tour, ↑trade, ↑transaction, ↑trial, ↑vendetta, ↑visit, ↑warfare, ↑wedding, ↑work, ↑workshop, ↑worship

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