broad, clear, common, general, prevailing, rough, widespread

That seems to be the prevailing consensus.

Computer science has reached a rough consensus on this issue.

global, unanimous, universal

a universal consensus about the problems of the exchange rate system

The world's scientists have reached a nearly unanimous consensus that the surface of the Earth is warming as a result of human activities.

overwhelming, strong
emerging, growing
tacit, unspoken
international, national
bipartisan (AmE)

There is a bipartisan consensus against the legalization of drugs.


the current consensus about AIDS in Africa

political, social
expert, scholarly, scientific

There is no scholarly consensus on how these terms are defined.

The scientific consensus is that failure to take action could lead to widespread droughts.

These standards represent expert consensus on generally accepted social scientific standards for research on child development.


A critical consensus has emerged about these poems.


the liberal consensus represented by President Johnson's landslide victory in 1964

degree, level
achieve, arrive at, reach
build, develop, forge, form

a magazine attempting to build a consensus about sustainable science

The agency helped develop a consensus on conservation.

citizens who work together to forge consensus regarding important public safety issues

reflect, represent

The measures represented a consensus that people and the environment must be protected from the excesses of the market.

break (esp. BrE), shatter

He was the first to shatter the consensus and criticize the proposal.

The war broke the broad consensus of liberals.


No clear consensus exists over the next stage of the plan.


A general consensus on the problem is beginning to emerge.


Over time a consensus formed.

break down

There are signs that the consensus is breaking down.

opinion, view

This is not consensus opinion yet.


There are guidelines in a 2007 consensus statement from the Institute.

by consensus

They have always governed by consensus.

consensus about, consensus on, consensus over

It is difficult to reach a consensus about electoral reform.

consensus among, consensus between, consensus within

no consensus among the members

the general consensus within the criminal justice system

a consensus of opinion

The general consensus of opinion is that a high-fat diet is bad for you.

a lack of consensus

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