common, general, mutual, unanimous

By unanimous consent, the Senate inserted a moratorium.

explicit, express

The information should generally be considered private unless there is explicit consent to disclose it.


Completion of the survey was taken as implied consent to participate.


Your silence implies tacit consent to these proposals.


A contract requires the voluntary consent of the parties entering into it.


Doctors must obtain the informed consent of all patients before giving any treatment.


No action can be taken without the prior consent of the owner.

formal, signed (AmE), written

A record of their written consent must be on file.

oral (AmE), verbal

Informed oral consent was obtained from each individual.

They provided verbal consent for the interview to be taped.

presumed (AmE)

the policy of presumed consent for organ donation

parental, spousal (AmE)

Spousal consent is necessary to secure the loan.

give (sb), grant (sb), provide

You must give written consent before the documents can be released.

students who had provided parental consent to participate

refuse (sb), withdraw, withhold

At any time during the study, parents could withdraw their consent.

gain, get, have, obtain, secure

Do you have the consent of your employer?

The investigators secured the consent of the suspects to take their computers away.


The proposal received unanimous consent.

require, seek

Judge Roberts nodded his consent and she began.

sign (esp. AmE)

Your family, in effect, signs the consent for you.

agreement, decree, law (all AmE)

The consent decree required the state to institute certain programs that were not required by federal law.

In 1998 they signed a consent agreement.

document, form

Doctors pressed her to sign a consent form for emergency surgery.

procedure (AmE), process (both AmE)

additional measures to strengthen informed consent procedures

requirement (AmE)

The removal of the patient consent requirement was denounced by the opposition.

by consent, by consent of

government by consent

The article is reprinted by consent of the author.

by common consent, by general consent, by mutual consent

The contract can only be broken by mutual consent.

with sb's consent, without sb's consent

Your property cannot be sold without your consent.

consent for

He gave his consent for treatment.

consent from

consent from the parents

consent to

He withheld his consent to the marriage.

the age of consent (= the age at which sb is legally old enough to agree to have a sexual relationship)
freely, willingly

I asked him to provide it and he willingly consented.

graciously, kindly

He has kindly consented to give us some of his valuable time.

Mrs Meade has graciously consented to supervise your detention.


He reluctantly consented to the material being edited.


Her father would not consent to the marriage.

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