convert into

convert into
phr verb
Convert into is used with these nouns as the object: ↑cash, ↑currency, ↑dwelling, ↑impulse, ↑waste

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  • convert — con‧vert [kənˈvɜːt ǁ ˈvɜːrt] verb [transitive] to change or make something change from one thing to another: convert something to/​into something • energy consumption that could readily be converted from oil to natural gas • bonds that can be… …   Financial and business terms

  • convert — ♦♦♦ converts, converting, converted (The verb is pronounced [[t]kənvɜ͟ː(r)t[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]kɒ̱nvɜː(r)t[/t]].) 1) V ERG If one thing is converted or converts into another, it is changed into a different form. [be V ed into/to n]… …   English dictionary

  • convert — I UK [kənˈvɜː(r)t] / US [kənˈvɜrt] verb Word forms convert : present tense I/you/we/they convert he/she/it converts present participle converting past tense converted past participle converted ** 1) [intransitive/transitive] to change from one… …   English dictionary

  • Convert — Con*vert , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Converted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Converting}.] [L. convertere, versum; con + vertere to turn: cf. F. convertir. See {Verse}.] 1. To cause to turn; to turn. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] O, which way shall I first convert… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • convert — con·vert /kən vərt/ vt 1 a: to change from one form or use to another b: to exchange (property) for another esp. of a different kind if compulsorily or involuntarily convert ed Internal Revenue Code; esp: to exercise the right of… …   Law dictionary

  • convert — [n] new believer catechumen, disciple, follower, neophyte, novice, novitiate, proselyte; concept 361 convert [v1] change; adapt alter, apply, appropriate, commute, downlink, download, interchange, make, metamorphose, modify, remodel, reorganize,… …   New thesaurus

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  • convert — con|vert1 W3 [kənˈvə:t US ˈvə:rt] v [Date: 1200 1300; : Old French; Origin: convertir, from Latin convertere to turn around, convert , from com ( COM ) + vertere to turn ] 1.) a) [T] to change something into a different form of thing, or to… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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