be, lie

His wife lay dead beside him.


The animal will sometimes escape danger by playing dead.

drop, fall, fall down

He just dropped dead one day at work.

shoot sb, strike sb

Gunmen shot dead two unarmed police officers.

She had been struck dead by lightning.

find sb

The woman was found dead with a rope around her neck.

declare sb, pronounce sb

She was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

quite (esp. BrE)

I'm afraid he's quite dead.

almost, nearly

By the time the police arrived, he was already dead.

dead and buried (figurative)

In ten years he'll be dead and buried as a politician.

dead and gone

That won't happen until long after I'm dead and gone.

dead or alive

A reward was offered for his capture dead or alive.

more dead than alive

Poor child, she looks more dead than alive.

Dead is used with these nouns: ↑animal, ↑battery, ↑body, ↑branch, ↑brother, ↑calm, ↑cell, ↑centre, ↑corpse, ↑father, ↑flesh, ↑flower, ↑foliage, ↑halt, ↑heat, ↑husband, ↑language, ↑leaf, ↑man, ↑mother, ↑person, ↑sheep, ↑silence, ↑sister, ↑skin, ↑sleep, ↑snake, ↑soldier, ↑son, ↑soul, ↑standstill, ↑tree, ↑twig, ↑uncle, ↑weight, ↑white, ↑wife, ↑wood, ↑zone
Dead is used with these adjectives: ↑boring, ↑calm, ↑even, ↑good, ↑lucky, ↑right, ↑scared, ↑set, ↑sexy, ↑silent, ↑spooky, ↑straight, ↑tired, ↑wrong
Dead is used with these verbs: ↑stop

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