1 firm request
legitimate, realistic, reasonable

I think your demand for a higher salary is perfectly reasonable.

outrageous, unrealistic, unreasonable
central, key, main, major
fresh, new, renewed

There have been new demands for the government to take action to reduce crime.


A final demand for payment had been issued.

financial, political
opposition (esp. BrE), popular, public, union

The management had no intention of meeting union demands.

pay (esp. BrE), ransom, salary, tax (esp. BrE), wage (esp. BrE)

A ransom demand has been made for the kidnapped racehorse.

issue, make, present, press, put forward

Demands have been made for the immediate distribution of food to the refugees.

renew, repeat, step up

Campaigners have stepped up their demands for immediate government action.

respond to
accommodate, agree to, give in to, meet, satisfy, yield to

The government cannot give in to the demands of an illegal organization.

refuse, reject, resist

The reporter refused their demand that he reveal his sources.

on demand

Campaigners insist that abortion should be available on demand.

demand for, demand from

demands from the opposition for a recount of the votes

2 need/desire for goods/services
big, buoyant (BrE), considerable, enormous, great, heavy, high, huge, insatiable, peak, strong, unprecedented

Demand for the product is enormous.

There's always a great demand for our soups in winter.

burgeoning, escalating, ever-increasing, growing, increased, increasing, rising, soaring, surging
excess, extra
constant, steady

She is in constant demand to make public appearances and give interviews.

changing, fluctuating, seasonal
current, future
latent, likely (esp. BrE), pent-up, potential, projected
overall, total

We can estimate that total market demand for electrical goods will rise by 8%.

declining, falling, limited, low, reduced, slowing, sluggish
consumer, customer, market, popular, public

By popular demand, the play will run for another week.

domestic, export, foreign, global, local, world, worldwide

The slowdown in domestic demand was offset by an increase in exports.

electricity, energy, housing, labour/labor, etc.

a high level of demand

accommodate, cope with, fulfil/fulfill, handle, meet, satisfy, supply

The factories are staying open to meet the consumer demand for this product.

create, drive, generate

It is the job of the marketing manager to create demand for the new product.

boost, fuel, increase, spur, stimulate

Low interest rates are fuelling/fueling demand for credit.

exceed, outstrip

Supply normally exceeds demand for the bulk of consumer goods.


It can be difficult to forecast demand in the construction industry.

grow, increase, rise

Demand for personal computers has risen sharply.

decline, fall, slow, slow down

As demand slows, the need to export will return.

exceed, outstrip

In the housing market, demand is outstripping supply.

in demand

These old machines are still in demand.

demand among

the potential demand among children

demand for

increased demand for health products

demand from

the demand from consumers

demand on

This section of the population makes a high demand on health-care resources.

supply and demand

the law of supply and demand

3 demands difficult/tiring things you have to do
considerable, enormous, excessive, extra, great, heavy, high, impossible

I think the demands of this job are excessive.

exacting, pressing
growing, increasing

Teacher training has to evolve to meet the changing demands of the profession.

competing, conflicting, contradictory
day-to-day, everyday

the day-to-day demands of the job


The person who cannot say no to others' requests is likely to be overwhelmed by external demands.

economic, emotional, financial, physical, practical, sexual, social, technical

The emotional demands of the job can be overwhelming.

impose, make, place

My elderly parents make a lot of demands on me.

fulfil/fulfill, respond to

We must prepare children to respond to the demands of work.

accommodate, cope with, handle

How do they cope with the conflicting demands of work and family life?

balance, juggle

Juggling the daily demands of career and family is rewarding, but never easy.

demand on, demand upon

My work seems to make more and more demands on my time.

angrily, coldly, furiously, harshly, impatiently, indignantly, irritably, roughly, sharply

‘Where are the keys?’ she demanded angrily.


He had demanded money from her.


They failed to provide the information demanded of them.

Demand is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑banner, ↑campaign, ↑consumer, ↑convention, ↑demonstrator, ↑etiquette, ↑fairness, ↑manifesto, ↑petition, ↑protester, ↑resolution, ↑situation, ↑ultimatum, ↑worker
Demand is used with these nouns as the object: ↑access, ↑accountability, ↑anonymity, ↑answer, ↑apology, ↑assurance, ↑attention, ↑ban, ↑ceasefire, ↑change, ↑compensation, ↑concentration, ↑concession, ↑conformity, ↑cooperation, ↑crackdown, ↑custody, ↑dexterity, ↑disarmament, ↑discipline, ↑effort, ↑encore, ↑end, ↑enquiry, ↑equality, ↑excellence, ↑explanation, ↑expulsion, ↑extradition, ↑guarantee, ↑halt, ↑hearing, ↑improvement, ↑independence, ↑intervention, ↑investigation, ↑justice, ↑liberty, ↑loyalty, ↑meeting, ↑obedience, ↑patience, ↑payment, ↑perfection, ↑precision, ↑proof, ↑ransom, ↑recognition, ↑reduction, ↑referendum, ↑reform, ↑refund, ↑regulation, ↑release, ↑removal, ↑repayment, ↑resignation, ↑respect, ↑retribution, ↑return, ↑revision, ↑right, ↑submission, ↑surrender, ↑sympathy, ↑tactic, ↑vengeance, ↑wage, ↑willingness, ↑withdrawal

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