be, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

a very detailed account of the events

extraordinarily, highly, immensely (esp. BrE), incredibly
meticulously, minutely
exquisitely, finely, richly

the exquisitely detailed carvings on the cathedral door

incredibly, unusually
Detailed is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑advice, ↑analysis, ↑answer, ↑appraisal, ↑arrangement, ↑assessment, ↑bibliography, ↑biography, ↑blueprint, ↑breakdown, ↑brief, ↑briefing, ↑calculation, ↑classification, ↑comment, ↑commentary, ↑comparison, ↑consideration, ↑coverage, ↑critique, ↑data, ↑description, ↑diagram, ↑diary, ↑discussion, ↑document, ↑enquiry, ↑evaluation, ↑examination, ↑explanation, ↑exploration, ↑file, ↑forecast, ↑guidance, ↑guideline, ↑illustration, ↑implementation, ↑index, ↑information, ↑insight, ↑inspection, ↑instruction, ↑inventory, ↑investigation, ↑itinerary, ↑knowledge, ↑level, ↑list, ↑log, ↑look, ↑manual, ↑map, ↑memorandum, ↑model, ↑narrative, ↑nature, ↑note, ↑observation, ↑overview, ↑picture, ↑plan, ↑planning, ↑profile, ↑proposal, prospectus, ↑provision, ↑questionnaire, ↑quotation, ↑recommendation, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑report, ↑requirement, ↑research, ↑review, ↑scrutiny, ↑sketch, ↑specification, ↑statement, ↑study, ↑submission, ↑summary, ↑survey, ↑timetable, ↑tutorial, ↑understanding, ↑valuation, ↑workings

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