1 where to/from

They were both going in the same direction.

different, opposing, opposite, reverse, separate (esp. AmE)

We are pulled in opposing directions by our emotions.

The ride in the reverse direction is a mere $4.

We both walked off in separate directions.

right, wrong

Unfortunately, we were going in the wrong direction.


I fired in the general direction of the officer's head, and missed.

expected (esp. AmE), predicted

America has not moved in the expected direction.

the predicted direction of climate change in the near term


Support came from an unexpected direction.


Turn the dial in a clockwise direction.

anticlockwise (BrE), counterclockwise (AmE)
downward, upward

These figures may have to be revised in an upward direction.

backward, forward

She shoved Sarah in the general forward direction.

northerly, southerly, etc.

The current flows in a south-easterly direction.

east-west, north-south

The runway was constructed in a north-south direction.

horizontal, vertical

A scanner deflects the laser beam in horizontal and vertical directions.


He started to run in a random direction.

cardinal, compass (both esp. AmE)

a house oriented exactly to the cardinal directions

I measured the distance and compass direction between successive positions.


When sailing, keep a constant check on changes in wind direction.


Which direction do we have to take?

change, reverse, switch

The wind had changed direction.

What happens if you reverse the direction of the current?

Suddenly, the wind switched directions.

flow in, go in, go off in
follow, head in, move in, travel in

Dan followed the direction the sign had pointed.

The convoy is moving in the direction of the capital.

veer in, veer off in

While he was studying in Paris, his thinking suddenly veered off in a new direction.

come from, come in

He was hit by a truck coming in the opposite direction.

face, face in

I didn't see the accident because I was facing in the opposite direction.

glance in, look in, nod in, point in

She glanced in his direction.

‘Look!’ she said, pointing in the direction of the coast.

indicate, point out

The adults gazed in the direction indicated.

nudge sb in, point sb in

We have to nudge politicians in the right direction.

I can't come with you, but I can point you in the general direction.

pull (sb/sth) in (often figurative)

There are different considerations, pulling in different directions.

from a/the direction

There was shriek of laughter from the direction of Sarah's room.

Let's approach the subject from a different direction.

in a/the direction

The aircraft was flying in a northerly direction.

the direction of flow, the direction of movement, the direction of travel

I prefer to be facing the direction of travel.

the direction of sb's gaze

She followed the direction of his gaze.

from all directions, from both directions

People came running from all directions.

in all directions, in both directions

The blast sent debris flying in all directions.

The road was blocked in both directions.

a glance in sb/sth's direction, a nod in sb/sth's direction

People passed by without a glance in her direction.

The report gives a brief nod in the direction of green issues (= mentions them briefly). (figurative)

a sense of direction

I don't have much sense of direction.

in any particular direction, in no particular direction

The story does not go in any particular direction.

She stalked away, in no particular direction.

2 development

The party must take a new direction if it is to survive.

right, wrong

These incentives should move the industry in the desired direction.


I felt the company was headed in a positive direction.

a step to change your life in a positive direction


This points to a promising new direction for cancer research.


No clear direction in policy can be identified.


the debate about the future direction of socialism

policy, strategic

His understanding of our business will further strengthen our strategic direction.


It is hard to know which direction the Church will take.

change, shift (esp. AmE)

It's time to change direction and find a new job.

The company needed to shift direction if it was going to survive.

go in, move in

At least things are moving in the right direction now.

influence, shape

the critical decisions that shape the direction of our lives


First determine the direction of your expected business growth.

She's a young woman, determining the direction of her life.


The proposals aim to set a new direction for local government.


The recommendations indicate possible directions for further studies.

a change of direction

This was a major change of direction for Britain's foreign policy.

a shift in direction

The book signals a shift in direction from her earlier novels.

a step in … direction

The first step in this direction will be a discussion with the unions.

a step in the right direction, a step in the wrong direction

The new law is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, but it doesn't go far enough.

in one direction

I was being pushed in one direction.

The market is moving primarily in one direction.

3 purpose

Do not let the discussion fragment into a desultory conversation with no clear direction.

be lacking in (esp. BrE), lack

Once again her life felt lacking in direction.

a sense of direction

We are looking for somebody with a clear sense of direction.

4 (often directions) instructions
clear, good, precise, specific

Isabel's directions are always very precise.

The teacher gives specific directions and corrects your pose.


Each card has step-by-step directions on one side.


Each chapter includes easy-to-follow directions for a variety of activities.


Shakespeare's famous stage direction, ‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’


Internet sites that offer everything from driving directions to subway maps


Just follow the online directions to take the quiz.

label (AmE)

Follow label directions for best results.

ask, ask for

Let's stop and ask for directions.

give sb, provide

Can you give me directions for getting to John's?

signs providing directions to the new concert hall.


We got directions to the hall from a man in the town.


Just follow the directions on the box.

direction for

Are there any directions for putting up the tent?

direction to

Can you give me directions to the post office?

5 control/guidance

In effective classrooms the teacher provided clear direction.


the strategic direction of the company


The monarch looks to the archbishop for spiritual direction.


All such research is under government direction.

give sb, provide (sb with)
under sb's direction

They work under the direction of a senior manager.

direction from

The new workers need direction from a supervisor.

NOTE: Points of the compass
due … (of)

The park is due north of Santa Cruz.

far … 

a small town in the far north of Canada

The reserve is a little further south on the coast.

down south, up north

They have moved down south (= to the south of the country).

journey …  (esp. BrE), way … 

On our way south we passed through hostile territory.

road … , track … 

the road west out of the city

be … of, lie … of

San Diego is south of Los Angeles.

north-east, south-east

The farm lies 60 miles north-east of Cape Town.

come … , go … 

I thought we were going east.

drive … , fly … , run … , travel … , walk … 

From Fort William drive north for a couple of miles.

set off … 

The troops set off north.

carry on … , continue … , proceed … 

The road continues west for ten miles.

bear … , head … 

Take the N1 heading west from Bern.

turn … 

When you reach the top, turn west.

face … , look … 

The kitchen window faces south.

The painting depicts the river looking north from the bridge.

 … bank,  … coast,  … shore

the south bank of the river

 … wind

a bitter east wind

in the … (of)

I live in the north.

There are lakes in the north-east of Poland.

from the … (of)

The wind is coming from the west.

to the … (of)

Oxford is to the north-west of London.

towards/toward the … 

Towards/Toward the north the woods turn into pine forests.

which way is … ?

Which way is west?

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