1 sadness because sth has not happened, etc.
bitter, considerable, deep, extreme, great, immense, intense, profound, sharp
complete, total, utter

To their utter disappointment they found nothing.

mild, slight

Riley blinked to hide his mild disappointment.


His initial disappointment at losing gave way to a new resolve.

be aware of, feel, sense

He was aware of sharp disappointment and betrayal.

She couldn't quite conceal the deep disappointment she felt.

hear, see

She must have seen the disappointment in my expression.

express, voice
betray, reflect, show

His voice betrayed his disappointment.

bite back, conceal, cover, hide, mask, swallow

He bit back his disappointment.

Her laugh covered her disappointment.


He feigned disappointment. Secretly, he was relieved.


To avoid disappointment, we recommend you reserve your seat early.

handle, overcome

He couldn't help Anita overcome her disappointment.


I just can't face the disappointment of my family and friends.


Every failed attempt brings disappointment and discouragement.

be doomed to

Their expectations were doomed to disappointment.


Ethan noticed the disappointment in Lisa's eyes.


I know you will share our disappointment at the lack of progress on this issue.


He let his disappointment show.

fill sb

He couldn't help the feelings of disappointment that filled him.

set in

The problem must be rectified before disappointment sets in.

to sb's disappointment

To her disappointment, they didn't go through Oxford but skirted around it.

disappointment about

Cross expressed disappointment about the damage.

disappointment at

Paul couldn't hide his disappointment at not being asked to the party.

disappointment in (esp. AmE)

his disappointment in his son

disappointment over

Campaigners have voiced disappointment over the government's decision.

disappointment with

He expressed to me his disappointment with art in the 20th century.

a feeling of disappointment, a sense of disappointment
tears of disappointment
imagine my disappointment

You can imagine my disappointment at finding all the plants damaged by caterpillars.

2 sb/sth that is disappointing
big, bitter, crushing, grave, great, huge, immense, major, sad, serious, severe, terrible

I'm afraid I was a sad disappointment to my mother.


The ending of the book is a real disappointment.

complete, total

The Mandarin Bar is a complete disappointment.

minor, slight, small

A small disappointment for me was the poor quality of the photographs.


Her past is marred by romantic disappointments.


The film was a box-office disappointment.


She's had a lot of disappointments in the past.

experience, suffer

Over the years they suffered one disappointment after another.

come as

This news has come as a disappointment to local business leaders.


The following year brought a major disappointment.


He has proved a great disappointment to those hoping for change in the region.

be considered

Her 2004 season will be considered a disappointment.

come, follow sth

His second disappointment came last year when he failed to get selected for the first team.

disappointment for

The dropping of these tour dates was a great disappointment for the many fans of the band.

disappointment to

It was a big disappointment to us when she left.

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