Several countries have expressed their strong disapproval of the law.

faint, mild

The decision met with widespread public disapproval.


parental disapproval of smoking

moral, social
23%, etc. (esp. AmE)

The latest poll has him at 47% approval and 49% disapproval.


There was more than a note of disapproval in her voice.

express, indicate, mark, register, show, voice

To mark his disapproval he refused to go to the wedding.

Her face registered her disapproval.

The students are showing their disapproval by refusing to attend lectures.

feel, sense

Even at this distance she could sense his disapproval.

rating (esp. AmE)

The President's disapproval rating has hit 55%.

in disapproval

Her lip curled in disapproval.

with disapproval

Marcos noted the boy's earring with disapproval.

disapproval at

She was stiff with disapproval at the notion.

disapproval for

There is strong social disapproval for these activities.

disapproval of

his disapproval of Wallace's conduct

a chorus of disapproval (esp. BrE)

There was a chorus of disapproval from the crowd.

an expression, a frown, a look, etc. of disapproval

Seeing the look of disapproval on the doctor's face, I put out my cigarette.

a hint of disapproval

More than a hint of disapproval was in the boy's voice.

a murmur of disapproval

Early murmurs of disapproval were quickly silenced.

a sign of disapproval

Agatha took this as a sign of disapproval.

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