1 far away in space
be, sound
become, grow

The sound of the engine was growing more and more distant.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
far (literary)

in far distant lands

geographically, physically

geographically distant areas of the world


The stars are more distant from the earth than the sun.

two miles distant, three days distant, etc.

These sites were often several miles distant from each other.

2 far away in time

The medieval mind can seem impossibly distant.

in the far distant future
in the not too distant future, in the not too distant past

In the not too distant future, we may witness the cloning of human beings.

the dim and distant past (BrE)

stories from the dim and distant past

3 not friendly/not paying attention
be, feel, look, seem, sound

He felt oddly distant from her.

become, grow
find sb
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

Their relationship has grown increasingly distant in recent years.

a little, slightly, etc.
oddly, strangely

Even his children found him strangely distant and impersonal.

cold and distant

When they met, he was very cold and distant.

Distant is used with these nouns: ↑ancestor, ↑bell, ↑corner, ↑country, ↑cousin, ↑descendant, ↑dream, ↑drone, ↑echo, ↑explosion, ↑father, ↑future, ↑galaxy, ↑gleam, ↑gunfire, ↑hill, ↑hillside, ↑hope, ↑horizon, ↑kin, ↑land, ↑look, ↑memory, ↑mountain, ↑murmur, ↑object, ↑past, ↑peak, ↑planet, ↑relation, ↑relationship, ↑relative, ↑roar, ↑rumble, ↑shore, ↑shout, ↑siren, ↑sound, ↑star, ↑thunder, ↑voice, ↑wail

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