1 give sth out
equally, fairly

The leaflets have been widely distributed.


Copies of the book were distributed free to each school in the district.


We distributed the money equally among the team members.


Aid is being distributed to people in need.

by, via

Viruses are often distributed via email.

2 spread sth
evenly, uniformly

Wealth is not evenly distributed between age groups.

non-randomly, randomly (both technical)

Smokers were randomly distributed in the sample interviewed.

irregularly, patchily, sparsely
broadly, widely

The trend is broadly distributed and not just a big-city phenomenon.


Generous workspaces must be well distributed throughout the library.


The plant is globally distributed.

across, among, between, throughout

There are over 35 000 species of orchid distributed throughout the world.

3 supply sth for sale
internationally, nationally

nationally distributed brands of fruit juice


The cheese is imported and distributed exclusively by Norland Inc.

Distribute is used with these nouns as the object: ↑condom, ↑copy, ↑dividend, ↑film, ↑fund, ↑handout, ↑information, ↑land, ↑leaflet, ↑magazine, ↑memo, ↑movie, ↑music, ↑pamphlet, ↑product, ↑questionnaire, ↑resource, ↑wealth, ↑weight, ↑workload

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