1 way sth is shared or exists over an area
egalitarian, equitable, fair

to ensure a fair distribution of wealth

inequitable, unfair

an equal distribution of wealth between people of different age groups

even, uniform

After applying the cream, comb through to ensure even distribution.


The country was noted for its uneven distribution of land resources.

optimal, optimum

the relative distribution of continents and oceans

general, overall

the general distribution of earthquakes around the world

broad, wide, widespread

the broad distribution of Bronze Age artefacts

the wider distribution of wealth throughout society

local, localized

Fish populations assume highly localized distributions within each river.

global, regional, worldwide
income, wealth
age, class, geographical, population, sex, social

the social class distribution of the male population

normal, skewed, smooth (all technical)

a normal distribution with a bell-shaped frequency curve

non-random, random (both technical)
binomial, frequency, probability (all technical)
achieve, ensure

The engine is mounted in the middle to achieve a more even weight distribution.

analyse/analyze, examine, investigate, observe

Radiology was used to determine the distribution of the disease.


These birds have a wide geographical distribution.

exhibit, show (both technical)

IQs within the population show a normal distribution.


Animal herds may form in response to the distribution patterns of food.


distribution maps of the most important tropical diseases

curve (technical)

people at the low end of the distribution curve of intelligence

distribution across

the distribution of resources across society

distribution among

data on wealth distribution among age groups

distribution between

a disparity in age distribution between groups

distribution over

the distribution of trees over the estate

distribution throughout

uniform distribution of the chemical throughout the timber

a change in distribution

changes in the distribution of wealth and income

2 giving/delivering sth to people

The document contains sensitive information and is not suitable for free (= unrestricted) distribution.

The previously free (= not paid for) distribution of textbooks will now be confined to students who are needy.


Our catalogue lists all our books that are available for general distribution.


The publisher has signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the books in the US.


the electronic distribution of software to customers

global, international, local, national, worldwide

Roads are used for local distribution of goods.

electricity, food, fuel, gas, land, water, etc.

land distribution policies

retail, wholesale

the wholesale and retail distribution of a huge variety of goods

control, handle, organize

The company is to handle the distribution of the product in Europe.

be available for

2 000 copies of the booklet have been printed and are available for distribution.


to ensure the proper distribution of medical aid

allow, allow for

to allow for the distribution of aid

agreement, arrangement, deal

Her company has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement.


I attach a copy of the distribution list so you can see who got the last edition.

email distribution lists


We have many distribution channels for our software, including electronic.

chain, infrastructure, network, pipeline (AmE)

There are more firearms in the distribution pipeline than most people realize.


The company wants to invest in new distribution facilities.

base, centre/center, depot, outlet, point, site

The company has decided to use Chennai as its distribution base.


The Internet is our distribution platform now.


The company has distribution operations in 33 countries worldwide.

business, company
for distribution

free leaflets for distribution overseas

distribution among

food for distribution among the homeless

distribution between

the distribution of the health budget between various hospitals

distribution by

the distribution by the government of a leaflet explaining the new tax

distribution through

distribution through department stores

distribution to

The food was packed up for distribution to outlying communities.

a/the chain of distribution

There are savings to be made by bypassing retailers in the chain of distribution.

a channel of distribution
3 payment
capital, dividend, share

When are distributions likely to be made to creditors?

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