Emotionally is used with these adjectives: ↑abusive, ↑attached, ↑battered, ↑charged, ↑committed, ↑dependent, ↑deprived, ↑detached, ↑direct, ↑distant, ↑distraught, ↑distressing, ↑disturbed, ↑exhausted, ↑exhausting, ↑expressive, ↑fragile, ↑immature, ↑inhibited, ↑involved, ↑laden, ↑loaded, ↑mature, ↑needy, ↑painful, ↑ready, ↑responsive, ↑retarded, ↑satisfying, ↑shattered, ↑stable, ↑stressful, ↑taxing, ↑traumatic, ↑troubled, ↑unbalanced, ↑unstable, ↑upset, ↑volatile, ↑vulnerable
Emotionally is used with these verbs: ↑abuse, ↑blackmail, ↑connect, ↑cripple, ↑drain, ↑engage, ↑exhaust, ↑mature, ↑prepared, ↑react, ↑respond, ↑scar, ↑suffer, ↑wound

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