1 pay sb to work
actively, directly

By 1960 the arms industry directly employed 3.5 million people.


Mark is currently employed as a Professor of Linguistics.


A large part of the workforce is employed in agriculture.

be fully employed
be gainfully employed

Those not gainfully employed are dependent on their savings.

be permanently employed, be temporarily employed
be irregularly employed, be regularly employed
2 use
commonly, extensively, frequently, often, regularly, widely

The safety net is an image commonly employed in everyday life.

generally, primarily, routinely, typically, usually

Self-checkout terminals are increasingly employed by retailers.

effectively, successfully, usefully

When properly employed, non-lethal weapons will save lives.

3 be employed be busy doing sth

Your time would be better employed doing something else.

busily, usefully

Will and Joe were busily employed in clearing out all the furniture.

Employ is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑college, ↑firm, ↑method, ↑workshop
Employ is used with these nouns as the object: ↑agent, ↑approach, ↑architect, ↑army, ↑assistant, ↑consultant, ↑contractor, ↑crew, ↑design, ↑employee, ↑firm, ↑force, ↑imagery, ↑immigrant, ↑labourer, ↑measure, ↑mercenary, ↑metaphor, ↑method, ↑phrase, ↑practice, ↑procedure, ↑reasoning, ↑rhetoric, ↑servant, ↑staff, ↑strategy, ↑tactic, ↑tank, ↑technique, ↑technology, ↑trainee, ↑trick, ↑tutor, ↑violence, ↑worker, ↑workforce

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