paid, salaried
full-time, part-time

We have around 100 full-time employees.

hourly (= paid per hour of work) (AmE)
seasonal (AmE), temporary
entry-level (AmE), junior, low-level (esp. AmE)
front-line (esp. AmE)
rank-and-file (AmE)
long-serving (BrE), long-time (AmE), loyal
dedicated, hard-working
potential, prospective
female, male
skilled, unskilled
blue-collar, white-collar
non-union, union, unionized (all esp. AmE)
at-will (= a worker who does not have a lot of legal rights) (AmE)

a civilian employee of the Army

city (esp. AmE), council (BrE), federal, government, municipal (esp. AmE), public, public-sector, state
airline (esp. AmE), bank, factory, hotel, postal (esp. AmE), store (esp. AmE), etc.

a disgruntled employee seeking revenge

employ, have

The company has only 60 employees.

hire (esp. AmE), recruit

the company's battle to recruit and retain employees

dismiss, fire, lay off, make redundant (BrE), sack (esp. BrE), terminate (esp. AmE)

a fair reason for dismissing an employee

The company made hundreds of employees redundant.

evaluate, screen

The company has worked to attract older employees.

educate, train
compensate (esp. AmE), reward
join sth, participate in sth

employees who work more than 20 hours per week

perform (sth)

employees who can perform comfortably in a highly diverse work environment

leave, quit (esp. AmE)

Why do my employees keep quitting?

earn sth, get sth, receive sth
complain (about sth)
sue (sb)

an employee who sued for unpaid overtime


In addition to a competitive salary, the company offers attractive employee benefits.

status (esp. BrE)

Freelance workers do not enjoy the benefits of employee status.

retention, turnover (both esp. AmE)
morale, satisfaction (both esp. AmE)
performance, productivity (both esp. AmE)
development, training
incentive (esp. AmE)
handbook (esp. AmE)
base (esp. AmE)

Maintaining a diverse employee base requires ongoing commitment.

pension (esp. AmE)

The value of state employee pension plans has plunged over the past three years.

discount (esp. AmE)
theft (AmE)

The retail industry loses $13 billion annually to employee theft.

involvement, participation

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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