1 make sth empty

The cupboards had all been completely emptied.


We emptied out the tank.


He emptied the bottle of its contents.

2 become empty
quickly, rapidly

Water from the underground pipes empties directly into nearby streams.


The room gradually emptied out.


The castle had a deep moat which emptied into the lake.


The streets soon emptied of shoppers.

Empty is used with these nouns as the object: ↑account, ↑bag, ↑beaker, ↑bladder, ↑bottle, ↑bowel, ↑bowl, ↑box, ↑bucket, ↑can, ↑clip, ↑content, ↑cup, ↑dishwasher, ↑drawer, ↑dustbin, ↑glass, ↑jug, ↑larder, ↑liquid, ↑lung, ↑mind, ↑plate, ↑pocket, ↑pond, ↑sack, ↑tank, ↑trash, ↑tub, ↑wallet, ↑washing machine
appear, be, feel, lie, look, seem

The box lay empty on the bed.

remain, stand, stay

The city is letting useful housing stand empty.

leave sth

The house had been left empty for several weeks.

completely, entirely, quite, totally, utterly

There was a vast expanse of totally empty sky to look at.

almost, nearly, practically, virtually
largely, mostly

a half-empty box of chocolates

fairly, quite, rather, relatively

Some parts of the city are desperately overcrowded while others are relatively empty.


We all feel very empty now she's gone.

apparently, seemingly
eerily, strangely, surprisingly

The house felt strangely empty without the children.


There were a few chairs, but the room was otherwise empty.


The streets were empty of people.

Empty is used with these nouns: ↑alley, ↑apartment, ↑auditorium, ↑bag, ↑beach, ↑bed, ↑belly, ↑bench, ↑berth, ↑boast, ↑bottle, ↑bowl, ↑box, ↑bucket, ↑building, ↑calorie, ↑can, ↑carriage, ↑chair, ↑clip, ↑container, ↑corner, ↑corridor, ↑cubicle, ↑cup, ↑cupboard, ↑desert, ↑desk, ↑dish, ↑exercise, ↑existence, ↑expanse, ↑feeling, ↑flat, ↑fridge, ↑gesture, ↑glass, ↑hall, ↑hallway, ↑highway, ↑house, ↑land, ↑larder, ↑lot, ↑mug, ↑packet, ↑page, ↑pail, ↑pavement, ↑phrase, ↑plate, ↑pool, ↑promise, ↑refrigerator, ↑rhetoric, ↑ritual, ↑road, ↑room, ↑seat, ↑shelf, ↑shell, ↑shop, ↑sidewalk, ↑sky, ↑slogan, ↑socket, ↑space, ↑stage, ↑stall, ↑stomach, ↑street, ↑stretch, ↑suitcase, ↑table, ↑talk, ↑tank, ↑threat, ↑throne, ↑train, ↑tummy, ↑vessel, ↑void, ↑wallet, ↑word, ↑wrapper

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