greatly, highly (AmE), strongly

We were greatly encouraged by the support we received.

Speaking your mind is highly encouraged at these sessions.

especially, particularly

She especially encouraged young scientists.

actively, positively

The government must actively encourage investment in these areas.

deliberately, explicitly, openly
inadvertently, unwittingly
aim to, try to, want to
be designed to

These questions are designed to encourage debate.

be likely to

Newspapers should not publish material that is likely to encourage discrimination.


Her head of department encouraged her in her research work.

an attempt to encourage sth, an effort to encourage sth
Encourage is used with these nouns as the object: ↑aggression, ↑awareness, ↑belief, ↑bloom, ↑competition, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑conversation, ↑cooperation, ↑creation, ↑creativity, ↑debate, ↑development, ↑dialogue, ↑discussion, ↑diversity, ↑emergence, ↑engagement, ↑enquiry, ↑enterprise, ↑establishment, ↑expansion, ↑export, ↑flexibility, ↑flow, ↑growth, ↑idea, ↑immigrant, ↑immigration, ↑improvement, ↑independence, ↑industry, ↑initiative, ↑innovation, ↑integration, ↑investment, ↑investor, ↑move, ↑participation, ↑partnership, ↑practice, ↑production, ↑reflection, ↑reform, ↑reliance, ↑research, ↑shopper, ↑speculation, ↑spread, ↑student, ↑submission, ↑teamwork, ↑thinking, ↑tourism, ↑use, ↑value, ↑violence, ↑wildlife

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