Environmental is used with these nouns: ↑affair, ↑amenity, ↑aspect, ↑awareness, ↑benefit, ↑biology, ↑catastrophe, ↑cause, ↑challenge, ↑change, ↑chemical, ↑chemistry, ↑concern, ↑condition, ↑conscience, ↑consciousness, ↑consequence, ↑conservation, ↑consideration, ↑contamination, ↑context, ↑cost, ↑crisis, ↑damage, ↑data, ↑destruction, ↑deterioration, ↑devastation, ↑directive, ↑disaster, ↑disturbance, ↑economics, ↑economist, ↑ethics, ↑factor, ↑geology, ↑group, ↑harm, ↑hazard, ↑health, ↑history, ↑impact, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑influence, ↑initiative, ↑injustice, ↑issue, ↑journalist, ↑justice, ↑legislation, ↑lobby, ↑matter, ↑message, ↑monitoring, ↑movement, ↑niche, ↑objective, ↑organization, ↑performance, ↑planning, ↑policy, ↑politics, ↑pollutant, ↑pollution, ↑preservation, ↑problem, ↑project, ↑protection, ↑protester, ↑record, ↑reform, ↑refugee, ↑regulation, ↑report, ↑requirement, ↑responsibility, ↑restriction, ↑risk, ↑safeguard, ↑safety, ↑science, ↑scientist, ↑standard, ↑stimulus, ↑strategy, ↑stress, ↑tax, ↑technology, ↑threat, ↑tourism, ↑treaty, ↑vandalism, ↑variation, ↑watchdog, ↑work

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