in detail

I explained the issues in great detail.


The reasons for the accident have not been fully explained.

adequately, properly, really, satisfactorily, well
partially, partly

This partly explains why he was so late.

easily, readily, simply

This phenomenon can be easily explained.

helpfully, patiently

The doctor explained patiently what the treatment would be.

concisely, succinctly

The general principles behind the method used are explained clearly and concisely.

be able to, be unable to, can

I know I'm late, but I can explain why.

attempt to, seek to, try to

It is a book which seeks to explain the birth of Greek tragedy.

help (to)
purport to

Many theories purport to explain growth in terms of a single cause.

be difficult to, be hard to

It's difficult to explain exactly how the system works.

hasten to

She saw his quick frown and hastened to explain.

let sb

Let me explain what I mean.


She tried to explain about her fears and anxieties.


She explained the plan to me very carefully.

explain everything

I have a letter here which explains everything.

go a long way, some way, etc. towards/toward explaining sth

This goes some way towards/toward explaining the hostility between the two groups.

Explain is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑article, ↑difference, ↑document, ↑factor, ↑leaflet, ↑letter, ↑page, ↑paragraph, ↑report, ↑theory
Explain is used with these nouns as the object: ↑absence, ↑background, ↑basics, ↑complexity, ↑concept, ↑conduct, ↑decision, ↑detail, ↑difference, ↑disappearance, ↑discrepancy, ↑disparity, ↑effect, ↑existence, ↑extent, ↑fact, ↑failure, ↑feeling, ↑finding, ↑idea, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑inability, ↑incidence, ↑incident, ↑meaning, ↑motivation, ↑motive, ↑mystery, ↑nature, ↑occurrence, ↑origin, ↑paradox, ↑phenomenon, ↑popularity, ↑predicament, ↑principle, ↑reason, ↑reasoning, ↑reluctance, ↑rule, ↑shift, ↑similarity, ↑situation, ↑success, ↑teaching, ↑term, ↑thing, ↑thinking, ↑variation, ↑view, ↑workings

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