1 last game/match in a competition

He got through to the grand final of the competition.

area (esp. BrE), national, regional, state, world
men's, women's
championship, cup (BrE), tournament
hold, host, stage (BrE)

Never before have two countries hosted the finals.

be through to, enter, get through to, go through to, make, make it to, qualify for, reach

If we play well, we hope to make it to the final.

He entered the finals as the tournament leader for the second year.

compete in, contest, meet sb in, play in

Russia met Canada in the final.

be played, take place
in the final

Who is in the men's final?

2 finals exams
college (AmE), school (AmE), university (BrE)
revise for (BrE), study for
do (esp. BrE), have, sit (BrE), take
fail, pass
Final is used with these nouns: ↑act, ↑answer, ↑appearance, ↑approval, ↑arrangement, ↑assault, ↑assembly, ↑assessment, ↑balance, ↑battle, ↑bell, ↑bend, ↑bid, ↑blow, ↑briefing, ↑burst, ↑chance, ↑chapter, ↑check, ↑chorus, ↑climb, ↑closure, ↑coat, ↑concert, ↑conclusion, ↑confirmation, ↑confrontation, ↑credit, ↑curtain, ↑dash, ↑decision, ↑defeat, ↑demand, ↑demise, ↑descent, ↑destination, ↑destruction, ↑detail, ↑diagnosis, ↑dividend, ↑document, ↑draft, ↑effort, ↑encounter, ↑episode, ↑exam, ↑examination, ↑farewell, ↑fate, ↑fixture, ↑fling, ↑flourish, ↑form, ↑frontier, ↑grade, ↑harvest, ↑haul, ↑hearing, ↑humiliation, ↑hurdle, ↑illness, ↑impression, ↑instalment, ↑instruction, ↑insult, ↑invoice, ↑irony, ↑judgement, ↑kiss, ↑lap, ↑leg, ↑match, ↑meeting, ↑minute, ↑moment, ↑month, ↑movement, ↑negotiation, ↑number, ↑offer, ↑outcome, ↑page, ↑paragraph, ↑parting, ↑passage, ↑payment, ↑phase, ↑play, ↑plea, ↑point, ↑preparation, ↑product, ↑proof, ↑push, ↑recommendation, ↑remark, ↑reminder, ↑replay, ↑report, ↑request, ↑resolution, ↑result, ↑revision, ↑rinse, ↑round, ↑ruling, ↑sacrifice, ↑salary, ↑salute, ↑scene, ↑score, ↑script, ↑section, ↑selection, ↑sequence, ↑session, ↑settlement, ↑shape, ↑shortlist, ↑showdown, ↑sip, ↑solution, ↑spot, ↑sprint, ↑spurt, ↑stage, ↑step, ↑stretch, ↑syllable, ↑text, ↑third, ↑thought, ↑time, ↑toll, ↑total, ↑touch, ↑track, ↑tribute, ↑triumph, ↑twist, ↑update, ↑verdict, ↑version, ↑vestige, ↑volume, ↑vote, ↑vow, ↑vowel, ↑voyage, ↑warning, ↑whistle, ↑wish, ↑word, ↑year

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