1 last part/end of sth
exciting, fantastic, good, great, thrilling, tremendous (esp. BrE)

His best finish was 11th in the Hungarian Grand Prix.


It was the perfect finish to a wonderful day.

sprint, storming (BrE), strong

The runners came around the bend for a sprint finish in the home straight.

close, dramatic, nail-biting, photo, tight

It was a photo finish, with three horses neck and neck at the finishing line.

second-place, etc.
last-place (AmE), runner-up

The team had another last-place finish.


The pair just missed out on a podium finish when they took fourth place.


He won a hard uphill finish at the recent Tour de Suisse.

be in at (BrE)

Her car suffered from gearbox trouble, but she was still in at the finish.

line (AmE)
at the finish

Several runners needed medical attention at the finish.

to a/the finish

They fought bravely right to the finish.

finish to

a dramatic finish to the game

from start to finish

He was in the lead from start to finish.

2 look/feel of sth
good, neat (BrE), perfect
professional (esp. BrE)
fine, smooth
faux (AmE)

The walls have a faux finish that mimics old plaster walls.

paint, painted
gloss, glossy, matt/matte, mirror, satin, shiny
chrome, metallic, nickel, stainless-steel, wood

a guitar with a natural wood finish

floor, wall, etc.

The wall and floor finishes are all of the the highest standard.

exterior, interior

This paint has a gloss finish.

achieve, get

With our new tool you get a perfect finish every time.

create, give (sth), produce, provide

This trim really does give the garment a professional finish.


The wall has been painted to match the finish of the original.


Make sure the surface is clean and smooth before the finish is applied.

coat (AmE)
to a finish

Sand the wood to a fine finish using steel wool.

with a finish

a door handle with a metallic finish

finish on

How did you achieve that finish on the wood?

almost, nearly
barely, just

Murdo had barely finished talking to Mikey when the bell rang.

She had just finished dressing when the telephone rang.

eventually, finally

I quickly finished my tea.

lamely, quietly, softly

‘I had no idea … ’ I finished lamely.


He finished off by welcoming the new arrivals.

let sb

Let me just finish what I'm doing.


He finished by telling us about his trip to Spain.


The evening finished with a few songs.

Have you finished with the vacuum cleaner yet?

Finish is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑exam, ↑work, ↑year
Finish is used with these nouns as the object: ↑assignment, ↑brandy, ↑business, ↑call, ↑career, ↑coffee, ↑college, ↑conversation, ↑course, ↑cup, ↑degree, ↑dissertation, ↑doctorate, ↑draft, ↑drink, ↑education, ↑errand, ↑essay, ↑grade, ↑high school, ↑homework, ↑jigsaw, ↑job, ↑journey, ↑lap, ↑manuscript, ↑marathon, ↑master, ↑meeting, ↑novel, ↑packing, ↑painting, ↑paperwork, ↑pint, ↑preparation, ↑project, ↑school, ↑schooling, ↑season, ↑semester, ↑sentence, ↑session, ↑shift, ↑stint, ↑study, ↑task, ↑thesis, ↑training, ↑university, ↑whisky, ↑work, ↑workout

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