1 (BrE) set of rooms ⇨ See also ↑apartment
big, spacious
cramped, little, poky, small, tiny
comfortable, cosy
beautiful, nice
luxury, posh
furnished, unfurnished
one-room, studio
one-bedroomed, two-room, etc.
bachelor, granny

Even the prices of small bachelor flats are unbelievable.

They converted two rooms of their house into a granny flat for Tony's elderly mother.

attic, basement, bottom, downstairs, first-floor, ground-floor, penthouse, top, top-floor, upstairs

the people who live in the downstairs flat


a block of high-rise flats

empty, unoccupied

They live in the next flat.


The tall blocks of flats dominated the skyline.

have, own

They have a flat in Paris and a house in Normandy.


The musician rented a flat in a fashionable area of London.

let, sublet

The landlady found they had been illegally subletting the flat.

buy, sell
find (sb), look for

Do you think that the council could find me another flat?

get (sb)

We got her a flat in the same block as ours.

live in, occupy, stay in

Our flat is one of the two occupied in the block.

move into
move from, move out from, move out of
decorate, refurbish

a contract to refurbish 18 council flats

lock, lock up
let sb/yourself into

She let herself into the flat with the spare key.

leave, let sb/yourself out of
break into
evict sb from
be located

The flat is located in a modern development.

face sth, overlook sth

a luxury block of flats overlooking the marina

at a/the flat

I'll meet you back at your flat.

in a/the flat

She lives in the top flat.

convert sth into flats, divide sth into flats, make sth into flats, turn sth into flats

The house has now been converted into flats.

2 flats low-lying land
coastal (esp. BrE), tidal
mud (usually mudflat), salt, sand

mud and sand flats rich in animal life

on the flat

These birds live on the tidal flats.

be, look
lie, stay

I can't get this material to lie flat.

She lay flat on the ground.

remain, stay

Interest rates have remained flat.

fold sth, get sth, make sth, press sth

Shall I fold the paper flat or roll it up?

knock sb

He knocked me flat on my back.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
absolutely, completely, perfectly

The sea was almost completely flat.

almost, nearly
Flat is used with these nouns: ↑base, ↑battery, ↑beer, ↑belly, ↑calm, ↑cap, ↑chest, ↑contradiction, ↑countryside, ↑denial, ↑desert, ↑dish, ↑door, ↑expanse, ↑fee, ↑foot, ↑ground, ↑intonation, ↑iron, ↑land, ↑nose, ↑number, ↑paint, ↑palm, ↑plain, ↑plane, ↑racing, ↑rate, ↑refusal, ↑road, ↑rock, ↑roof, ↑sandal, ↑screen, ↑sheet, ↑shoe, ↑slab, ↑statement, ↑stomach, ↑surface, ↑tax, ↑terrain, ↑tone, ↑tummy, ↑tyre, ↑voice, ↑vowel
Flat is used with these adjectives: ↑broke

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