1 person who guards sb/sth
armed, uniformed

The building is protected by armed guards.

border, gate (AmE), prison, security
personal, private
post, station

Guards had been posted all around the TV studio.

patrol sth

Guards patrolled the perimeter fence.

protect sth
escort sb
be on duty
2 being ready to prevent attack or danger
24-hour, constant, round-the-clock

The accused was taken to court under armed guard.


He arrived under heavy guard.

military, police
off (your) guard

The question seemed to catch him off his guard.

He caught me completely off guard.

on (your) guard

Several police officers were on guard outside the factory.

He was always on his guard against moneymaking schemes.

under guard

The prisoners were under close guard.

guard against, guard over

Two police officers kept guard over the burned-out building.

drop your guard

Matt relaxed a little, dropping his guard.

keep guard of sth

Would you like me to keep guard of your room?

keep your guard up, keep up your guard

No one can keep their guard up all the time.

stand guard

A solider stood guard outside the palace.

3 group of soldiers/policemen who guard sb/sth
civil, national, palace, presidential, royal

The guard was changed every two hours.

call out

It would only be a matter of minutes before the alarm was raised and the guard called out.

guard of honour/honor

Fellow soldiers formed a guard of honour/honor at his wedding.

4 cover that prevents injury
shin, shoulder, wrist

The mountain pass is well guarded.


a bird carefully guarding its eggs

fiercely, jealously

She jealously guarded her position of power.


They guard the city against attack.


pop stars who need to be guarded from their fans

closely guarded, heavily guarded

The military base is closely guarded.

guard sb/sth with your life

He was under instructions to guard the key with his life.

tightly guarded

tightly guarded privacy

Guard is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑soldier, ↑troops
Guard is used with these nouns as the object: ↑border, ↑egg, ↑embassy, ↑entrance, ↑exit, ↑flank, ↑frontier, ↑interest, ↑nest, ↑perimeter, ↑privacy, ↑rear, ↑secret

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