1 take/receive
eagerly, gladly, graciously, gratefully, willingly

She graciously accepted my apology.

be glad to, be happy to
be reluctant to, be unwilling to
be unable to

I am unfortunately unable to accept your kind invitation.


She accepted a bribe from an undercover policeman.

2 agree/admit
happily, readily

Some people readily accept that they may have to pay for medical treatment.

blindly, uncritically, unquestioningly
be happy to, be prepared to, be ready to, be willing to
be reluctant to, be unwilling to
be unable to, refuse to
can, will
cannot, will not

The college cannot accept responsibility for items lost or stolen on its premises.

be forced to, have to
learn to
be commonly accepted, be generally accepted, be universally accepted, be widely accepted

It is generally accepted that people are motivated by success.

accept sth at face value

These figures should not be accepted at face value.

have no choice but to accept

I had no choice but to accept the committee's decision.

Accept is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑judge, ↑tribunal, ↑union
Accept is used with these nouns as the object: ↑advice, ↑amendment, ↑apology, ↑application, ↑appointment, ↑argument, ↑arrangement, ↑assertion, ↑assignment, ↑assumption, ↑assurance, ↑authority, ↑award, ↑bet, ↑bid, ↑blame, ↑booking, ↑bribe, ↑card, ↑ceasefire, ↑challenge, ↑charity, ↑cheque, ↑claim, ↑commission, ↑compensation, ↑compliment, ↑compromise, ↑condition, ↑condolences, ↑congratulations, ↑consequence, ↑counsel, ↑credit card, ↑criticism, ↑crown, ↑cut, ↑deal, ↑defeat, ↑definition, ↑delivery, ↑destiny, ↑diploma, ↑doctrine, ↑dogma, ↑donation, ↑embrace, ↑employment, ↑excuse, ↑existence, ↑explanation, ↑fact, ↑fate, ↑fault, ↑favour, ↑gift, ↑guideline, ↑help, ↑honour, ↑hospitality, ↑hypothesis, ↑idea, ↑immigrant, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑inclusion, ↑inevitability, ↑input, ↑instruction, ↑invitation, ↑job, ↑kiss, ↑liability, ↑lift, ↑limit, ↑limitation, ↑logic, ↑manuscript, ↑mediation, ↑money, ↑motion, ↑need, ↑nomination, ↑notion, ↑offer, ↑offering, ↑package, ↑payment, ↑penalty, ↑petition, ↑plea, ↑point of view, ↑position, ↑possibility, ↑prize, ↑proposal, ↑proposition, ↑punishment, ↑quotation, ↑quote, ↑reality, ↑reasoning, ↑rebuke, ↑recommendation, ↑reduction, ↑redundancy, ↑reform, ↑refugee, ↑refusal, ↑registration, ↑report, ↑request, ↑reservation, ↑resignation, ↑responsibility, ↑restriction, ↑ride, ↑risk, ↑role, ↑rule, ↑settlement, ↑situation, ↑submission, ↑suggestion, ↑surrender, ↑teaching, ↑tender, ↑term, ↑thanks, ↑theory, ↑thesis, ↑thing, ↑treatment, ↑treaty, ↑truth, ↑ultimatum, ↑validity, ↑verdict, ↑view, ↑wage, ↑wisdom

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