1 put pictures in sth
copiously (esp. AmE), generously, heavily, lavishly, profusely (esp. AmE), richly
attractively, beautifully, handsomely, superbly
photographically (esp. AmE)

a collection of photographically illustrated magazines


Most items are illustrated by a photograph.


The new edition is heavily illustrated with photographs of aircraft.

2 make sth clear using examples/pictures
aptly, brilliantly, neatly, nicely, superbly (esp. BrE), well

The dire consequences of chronic underfunding are nowhere better illustrated than in the nation's schools.

merely, simply

His question merely illustrates his ignorance of the subject.

clearly, dramatically, graphically, powerfully, strikingly, vividly
brutally, starkly, tragically

The case tragically illustrates the dangers of fireworks.

serve to

Two examples serve to illustrate this point.

attempt to, seek to, try to

What she attempts to illustrate is the difference between her company and her competitors.

help (to)

He is showing these silent films to help illustrate his story of survival.

be enough to, suffice to

Two more examples will suffice to illustrate this point.

be chosen to, be designed to, be intended to

This consequence can be illustrated by a simple example.


a way of illustrating to the chairman the folly of his decision

Illustrate is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑article, ↑chart, ↑data, ↑diagram, ↑display, ↑drawing, ↑example, ↑exhibition, ↑experiment, ↑figure, ↑incident, ↑passage, ↑photograph, ↑report, ↑result, ↑story
Illustrate is used with these nouns as the object: ↑argument, ↑aspect, ↑book, ↑case, ↑complexity, ↑concept, ↑danger, ↑difference, ↑difficulty, ↑edition, ↑effect, ↑example, ↑extent, ↑gulf, ↑idea, ↑importance, ↑limitation, ↑peril, ↑point, ↑principle, ↑problem, ↑thesis, ↑utility, ↑volume

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