cardinal, central, considerable, critical, crucial, enormous, extreme, fundamental, great, high, immense, key, major, outstanding (esp. BrE), overriding, overwhelming, paramount, particular, profound, real, special, supreme, tremendous, vital
first, greatest, highest, primary, prime, utmost

This information is of the first importance.

It is of the utmost importance that you arrive on time.

growing, increased, increasing

the declining importance of manufacturing industry

lesser, limited, marginal, minor, secondary
continued, continuing, lasting

differences in the perceived importance of the different subjects in the curriculum

international, national

the symbolic importance of iron in German culture

archaeological, commercial, constitutional, cultural, ecological, economic, environmental, historic, historical, legal, military, political, social, strategic

These finds have considerable scientific importance.

assume, take on

Education takes on an added importance at a time of economic uncertainty.

grow in, increase in, rise in
decline in, diminish in, fall in

The overseas markets have now declined in importance.

attach, give sth, place

To what objectives do you attach most importance?

the importance placed on cleanliness

accept, acknowledge, appreciate, be aware of, grasp, learn, note, realize, recognize, see, understand

People were aware of the importance of working with nature.

demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, point to, reflect, show, suggest

Figure 2.2 shows the relative importance of the different service industries.

affirm, assert, reaffirm, reiterate
deny, discount, dismiss

I don't discount the importance of theory, but I am really concerned with practice.

confirm, reinforce
draw attention to, emphasize, highlight, point out, promote, stress, underline, underscore (esp. AmE)

The manual stresses the importance of regular maintenance.

diminish, downplay, minimize, play down (esp. BrE)

She was inclined to downplay the importance of her own role in the affair.

exaggerate, overemphasize, overestimate, overstate

Don't underestimate the importance of good presentation.

assess, consider, discuss, evaluate
doubt, cast doubt on, question, throw doubt on

No one can seriously question the political importance of the environment.

forget, ignore, overlook
lie in sth

The town's importance lies in the richness and quality of its architecture.

of … importance

a figure of crucial importance in the history of design

importance for

an area of enormous importance for wildlife

importance to

the importance to the country of a healthy economy

in order of importance

Deal with the issues in order of importance.

a matter of grave importance, a matter of great importance, a matter of importance

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