be, seem, sound

Someone left a message for you—it sounded important.


He made me feel important by asking me lots of questions about myself.

make sth

This is what makes our work so important.

believe sth, consider sth, deem sth, regard sth as, see sth as, think sth

These ideas are considered enormously important.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
enormously, extraordinarily, highly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, profoundly, terribly, tremendously, truly
critically, crucially, fundamentally, most (esp. BrE), supremely, vitally

This is most important: you must deliver the letter yourself.

especially, particularly

Several factors make this painting uniquely important.


These two factors are equally important.

fairly, pretty, quite

He considered the matter sufficiently important to call her at home.

internationally (esp. BrE)

an internationally important site for these rare birds

economically, functionally, historically, politically, strategically

historically important buildings


It's important for you to understand this.


Spending time with my children is important to me.

The work of the intelligence services was crucially important to victory in the war.

Important is used with these nouns: ↑achievement, ↑addition, ↑adjustment, ↑advance, ↑advantage, ↑ally, ↑amendment, ↑appointment, ↑area, ↑aspect, ↑asset, ↑assignment, ↑attribute, ↑battle, ↑bearing, ↑book, ↑breakthrough, ↑business, ↑category, ↑cause, ↑centre, ↑ceremony, ↑change, ↑characteristic, ↑client, ↑clue, ↑collection, ↑commodity, ↑component, ↑composer, ↑concept, ↑concession, ↑consequence, ↑consideration, ↑constituency, ↑constraint, ↑contract, ↑contribution, ↑contributor, ↑crossroads, ↑customer, ↑decision, ↑detail, ↑development, ↑difference, ↑dimension, ↑directive, ↑discovery, ↑distinction, ↑document, ↑effect, ↑element, ↑engagement, ↑event, ↑evidence, ↑exception, ↑exhibition, ↑export, ↑facet, ↑fact, ↑factor, ↑feature, ↑festival, ↑figure, ↑find, ↑finding, ↑fixture, ↑focus, ↑forum, ↑function, ↑gap, ↑goal, ↑guest, ↑habitat, ↑impact, ↑implication, ↑improvement, ↑incentive, ↑indication, ↑indicator, ↑industry, ↑influence, ↑information, ↑ingredient, ↑initiative, ↑innovation, ↑input, ↑insight, ↑instrument, ↑issue, ↑item, ↑job, ↑landmark, ↑lesson, ↑limitation, ↑link, ↑match, ↑matter, ↑measure, ↑meeting, ↑message, ↑milestone, ↑mineral, ↑modification, ↑moment, ↑monument, ↑move, ↑news, ↑niche, ↑objective, ↑observation, ↑occasion, ↑office, ↑omission, ↑organ, ↑parallel, ↑part, ↑people, ↑person, ↑personality, ↑phase, ↑philosopher, ↑piece, ↑place, ↑point, ↑pointer, ↑position, ↑precedent, ↑prerequisite, ↑problem, ↑project, ↑property, ↑qualification, ↑quality, ↑question, ↑reason, ↑recommendation, ↑reform, ↑reminder, ↑repercussion, ↑report, ↑requirement, ↑resource, ↑respect, ↑responsibility, ↑role, ↑ruling, ↑save, ↑sector, ↑shift, ↑site, ↑skill, ↑source, ↑stage, ↑step, ↑strand, ↑symbol, ↑target, ↑task, ↑theme, ↑thing, ↑tool, ↑topic, ↑trend, ↑truth, ↑turning point, ↑undertaking, ↑vehicle, ↑victory, ↑virtue, ↑visitor, ↑vitamin, ↑vote, ↑watershed, ↑way, ↑work, ↑writer

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