excellent, good, productive, profitable, sound, successful, wise, worthwhile
bad, poor

He lost a lot of money through poor investments.

high-risk, risky, speculative
considerable, enormous, great, heavy, hefty (esp. AmE), high, huge, large, large-scale, major, massive, significant, sizeable, substantial

The president has called for massive investment to rebuild the country's economy.

low, minimal, modest, small

The country's infrastructure is crumbling because of inadequate investment.

maximum, minimum
additional, extra, further
gross, net
domestic, local
cross-border, foreign, international, inward (esp. BrE), offshore, outside, overseas
long-term, short-term
initial, original, upfront

an initial investment of $5 million

property (esp. BrE), real estate (AmE), share (esp. BrE), stock (esp. AmE), stock-market

He was making a living from his real estate investments.

capital, equity, financial
business, industrial, infrastructural, infrastructure, manufacturing
federal, government, public, public-sector (esp. BrE), state
corporate, institutional
private, private-sector

private investment in the health service


I had made a personal investment in time and energy.

emotional, parental

parents' emotional investment in their children

flow, level, rate
attract, boost, encourage, promote, spur, stimulate

a business plan to encourage new investment

recoup, recover

It took two years before I recouped my investment.


She felt the time was right to realize her investment, and sold all her shares.


When buying shares, it's wise to spread your investment over several companies.

increase, rise, soar, surge
decline, fall
return, yield

My investment yielded almost 20% annually.

account, fund, trust

Bonds should be part of your investment portfolio.

levels, rates

inadequate investment levels


Investment flows dropped sharply and the region's growth halted.

plan, scheme (BrE)

She sees art as a long-term investment strategy.


We can help you identify investment opportunities.


Investment income is subject to different tax rules.

bank, company, firm, trust
adviser, analyst, banker, manager, professional
as an investment

I don't really like modern art but I bought it as an investment.

investment from

investment from American pension funds

investment in

investment in local industry

a loss on an investment

losses made on investments in stocks and bonds

a profit on an investment, a return on an investment

I'm hoping for a good return on my investment.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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