big, large, major
average, ordinary, small

Many ordinary investors stand to lose money in this affair.

potential, prospective, would-be (esp. BrE)
business, institutional
angel (= a private individual who invests money in a new business), individual, private, retail
canny (BrE), savvy (esp. AmE), sophisticated
cautious, risk-averse
domestic, local
foreign, international, inward (BrE), outside, overseas
bond, equity, mutual-fund (AmE), stock
attract, encourage, lure

A stable company is more likely to attract potential investors.

advise, warn

They advise investors where to put their money.

convince, reassure

They announced budget cuts which they hoped would reassure investors.

deter, scare, scare away, scare off, worry

Current government policies may worry overseas investors.

buy sth, invest in sth

Investors will be able to buy the shares from next week.

flock to sth (esp. AmE), pile into sth (esp. BrE), rush into sth, rush to sth

Investors have been flocking to the region because of high bank rates.

sell sth
be interested in sth

This is an excellent deal for investors who are interested in smaller companies.


In this battle for brand leadership, how investors react is important.


the need to restore investor confidence


Investor sentiment was running against corporate America.

investor in

investors in plantation forestry

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