1 applies the law
experienced (esp. BrE)
learned (esp. BrE)
presiding, trial
deputy (BrE)
appeal, appellate, circuit, county, district, federal
appeal-court, circuit-court, county-court, district-court
High Court (in the UK), Supreme Court (in the US)
bankruptcy, immigration (both AmE)
unelected (esp. AmE)
activist, conservative, liberal (all AmE)

She has a reputation as a liberal, activist judge.

be, sit as

By next year you could be sitting as a High Court judge.

appoint (sb as), elect, nominate (both esp. AmE)
convince, impress, persuade, satisfy

They must persuade the judge that a particular juror is likely to be biased.

ask, tell
oversee sth, preside, sit

Which judge will be sitting next week?

The judge overseeing the case ordered the documents to be produced.

call sb

The judge called the remaining witness.

ask sth, say sth, tell (sb) sth

A federal judge told the FBI they could not access the computers.

direct sb (esp. BrE)

The judge must direct the jury on points of law.

consider sth
accept sth, admit sth, agree (sth), allow sth, approve sth, uphold sth

The judge admitted the notes of the interview as evidence.

deny sth, disagree, dismiss sth, overrule sb/sth, overturn sth, refuse sth, reject sth

The trial judge dismissed her compensation claim.

Appeals court judges overturned the previous ruling.

conclude sth, decide sth, declare sth, find sth, hold sth, rule sth

The judge held that the company had been negligent.

sum up

The judge summed up and the jury retired to consider its verdict.

sentence sb
impose sth, order sth

The judge ordered the company to pay compensation to the claimant.

A judge could impose a substantial penalty.

award (sb) sth, grant (sb) sth

The judge awarded him damages of £20 000.

2 decides who has won a competition

a panel of independent judges

choose sb/sth, pick sb/sth, vote for sb/sth
decide sth, vote on sth
the judges' decision

The judges' decision on the entries is final.

3 has the ability/knowledge to give an opinion
astute, good, great, shrewd

You are the best judge of what your body needs.

a shrewd judge of character

bad, poor
judge of

He is a good judge of musical talent.

a good, bad etc. judge of character

She's usually a pretty shrewd judge of character.

accurately, correctly, rightly
wrongly (esp. BrE)

I think I judged the distance wrongly.

fairly, properly (esp. BrE)
harshly, unfairly

I think you're judging her rather harshly.

beautifully (esp. BrE), carefully, finely, nicely, perfectly (both esp. BrE), well

Their performance of the concerto was beautifully judged.

‘There's something I haven't told you.’ She judged her words carefully.

The golfer judged it well, timing the ball to perfection.


Those who preach intolerance should be judged accordingly.

purely, solely

He was often judged solely on his looks.

be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to
be able to, be in a position to

I am in no position to judge whether what she is doing is right or wrong.

learn to

You soon learn to judge distances when driving.

according to

He believed that schools should be judged according to strictly academic criteria.


You always judge your own performance against that of others.


You will be judged by the work you have produced over the year.


The age of the furniture can be judged from the type of wood used.


Your slogan will be judged on its originality and style.

criteria for judging

People use different criteria for judging success at school.

judge by appearances
don't judge a book by its cover (= don't judge sth by how it looks)
judging by sth, judging from sth

He seems to have been a popular person, judging by the number of people at his funeral.

to judge by, to judge from

To judge from what she said, she was very disappointed.

judge for yourself

Readers are left to judge for themselves whether McCrombie is hero or villain.

judge sth on its merits

Each painting must be judged on its own merits.

not for me, us etc. to judge

It's not for me to judge whether he made the right decision.

Judge is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑jury
Judge is used with these nouns as the object: ↑case, ↑competition, ↑distance, ↑effectiveness, ↑entry, ↑extent, ↑impact, ↑merit, ↑quality, ↑reaction, ↑relevance, ↑reliability, ↑situation, ↑success, ↑worth

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